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Little Things Left Unnoticed

*Oh, at the first place, I've removed the song. Received feedbacks that it's getting really noisy and annoying. Whooops :!: Sorry…

Have you ever pay attention to little things around you? They might be insignificant to you, but they might shine and be a star in other's lives. Little things are always left unnoticed… and here is a gallery I've put up to let little things get the attention they deserve :razz:

What a little things? For example, moths. What I know about them – they are tame and harmless creatures. Kityeng was kind enough to get one on her finger to let me take a photo. Cheeese~

Cute little moth on Kityeng's finger :)

For example, sunrise which we see every morning and the moon we see every night. But we are busy mortals. We wake up, wash up, grab breakfast and rush to our destination, rush home at evening, bathe, go online, sleep. Have anyone ever noticed how beautiful can a sunrise be, how serene can a moon look like, especially in Bukit Timah, Singapore? (Click here to access ENTIRE gallery)

The Moon, taken at 6.58am

Sunrise, taken at 7.02am

For example, roads, expressway, signs and traffic signals. We see them everyday, everytime, everywhere. And we assume that they're there for the sake to be there. They never looked better in my eyes! (Click here to access ENTIRE gallery)

U-turn ahead.


For example, power poles. Have you pay any attention to them? See them as a piece of junk? Don't forget that they bring you electricity ;) Look at them! They're big giants~

Tower of Power.

Little Things Noticed, finally. :mrgreen:

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