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Why the world have to endure so many changes in the recent years, especially in the 21st century?

In 2001 we have the 911 attack. Sorry for mentioning the disaster again, which I think nobody likes, since it is like putting salt on a wound. One of the worst terrorist attack ever in human history, and this sparked off a massive global political biploarism. I never liked this. Why can't al earthlings just sit back and enjoy the sancity of peace? Why would we always crave for things that other people have, leading to invasions, war, massacres etc?

In 2004, the Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster. Why oh why does this have to happen, especially when this major disaster happens in an area striken with poverty? Why must the 200,000 innocent souls have to perish? And why must we let people living near the sea endure all the pain and sadness?

In 2006, Steve Irwin died. Because of a stingray barb that peirced his chest. The third stingray-induced death ever recorded in human history. Why must such tradegy happen to a man that loves the nature so much? Why can't be somebody else? Or why somebody must be killed at the first place? And why let Bob and Bindi, aged 3 and 8 go fatherless at such a young age, and Terry Irwin to wade through the darkest moments of her life? Click here to visit a gallery containing photos people took about him.

Sometimes I question the existence of God. If He is around, why should He let all these bad things happen? Everytime I think of it, my heart hurts. I go around asking others for the answer, nobody had, until I met my Church school teacher who taught me in a sunday school when I was young online. This is what he told me:

The reason why there is pain, sadness, disasters, death in this world?

If you ask this question, why not try asking: Why is there love?

God put everyone on earth with a reason. He created love, and he wanted us to spread it around. We have a mission to accomplish, which is to propagate love, share our happy moments, treasure them and make others happy and content.

Although I am a Buddhist, I am open to other religions way of explaning such million-dollar questions. But yup, I must agree that there is a point behind all these. It's LOVE. ;) Share it, spread it, treasure it.

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