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Crocodile Hunter Dies

Visit Steve Irwin’s fan site on Discovery Channel. You can also access the Discovery Channel forum from there and post your condolences for Steve Irwin. My prayers are up for him. May he rest in peace.

Steve Irwin (right) and his wife, Terry Irwin. Steve Irwin, a nature lover, was pronounced dead by the Australian police after his heart and left lung were punctured by a stingray barb near the Great Barrier Reef.

I have not watched the news nor read the newspaper today. I was checking out a forum when I stumbled upon this tragic news – Steve Irwin, the well-known crocodile hunter with his famous punchline "Crickey!", was stung dead by a stingray. The stingray barb pierced his chest, and Steve Irwin was pronounced dead on the spot. His wife, Terry Irwin, was known to be trekking in another part of Australia. The tragic incident took place somewhere near the Great Barrier Reef.

Here is the full article, from CNN.com (click to read full article):

SYDNEY, Australia (CNN) — Steve Irwin, the TV presenter known as the "Crocodile Hunter," has died after being stung by a stingray in a marine accident off Australia's north coast.

Irwin, 44, was killed by a stingray barb that pierced his chest, according to Cairns police sources.

"He came over the top of a stingray that was buried in the sand, and the barb came up and hit him in the chest," said Stainton.

 I was stunned after reading this news. Although I've never knew his full name before, Steve Irwin made Australia proud by not only being a strong supporter of wildlife but also his awesome skills in capturing alligators and crocodiles with his barehands along with his wife, Terry Irwin. Everyone who have watched Animal Planet or any documentary films about animals would have seen him cheekily teasing crocodiles and capturing them. Sadly, we would get another chance to see him again. :cry:

If not mistaken, I've heard rumours about him dying from a crocodile bite a few years ago. To everyone's relief, he was so alive. But looks like he failed to make it through this time. Isn't it ironic? He spent his entire life hunting crocodiles and in the end he got killed by a stingray. Gosh~ why would God want to take a person that loves and protects wildlife like no other people do?

I couldn't imagine Animal Planet without Steve Irwin… and the worst thing is that he got 2 children born in 1998 and 2003 respectively. That would make them 8 and 3 years old respectively… without father from such a young age. Poor thing~

Rest in peace, Steve Irwin. At least he died in nature, which he loved. Goodbye… 

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