Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

August, Conclusion, Reflection

Yeah. I've never really done an open / public / free-for-all reflection before. I guess maybe because I don't feel easy exposing all those emotional turbulences going on in me. Who says guys do not go through such stuff. We do, just  that I'm the last guy on earth who expresses it overwhelmingly. Maybe.

Best Thing I've Done:

To try to be a better person. Everyday I try to be a better person, for example, swearing that I will never say bad words to people I've offended before, will always do the tutorial which I have not completed, will try to speak politely even if somebody was rude to me. 'm trying to open up, and to become a refined person… I do not wish to revert to my old self – selfish, senseless, meaningless, offensive, dumb, stupid, shy, crybaby, shameless… etc. I must be good… better… best :mrgreen:

Worst Thing I've Done:

To leave Yiwei and Valerie at Yingchern's house on last last last Tuesday (I think is the last last last if not mistaken). I was returning to the boarding school… Yingchern told me that I should walk both of the gals out first. It is really dangerous to leave them to walk to the MRT station themselves. Sorry… for being such an ungentleman.

Academic Progress:

Okay, I admit. I still suck at stochiometry, the NO. 1 KILLER. I agree with what Yueqi said. Haiz. I guess I'll never do well in Chem. Anyways, I've picked myself up to study some chem and catch up with Math tutorials… so that I will not be acting like a dork during Mr Ng's tutorials.

Boarding School:

I forced myself I love boarding school food now. Mainly because I'm drinking Gain Weight and so I must really eat, although I must admit the food isn't really suitable for human consumption. On the other hand, I must be heavier that my younger brother since he's catching up with me ;)

People Around Me:

I must be really thankful to a few person around me. Hmmm shall I really mention their names? A lot of people are really good to me… thank you 75!!! :mrgreen: 

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