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Happy Teacher’s Day!!!

august 31. National Dya for my fellow Malaysians, and Teacher's Day toa ll Singaporeans :razz: Wooooot!!! Teacher's Day celebration really blew me off my seat because of the unexpected stage play by teachers! LOL. They were wearing OUR school uniform and performed on stage. We can see teachers really acting their hearts out, including our dear Chemistry tutor Ms Chua!!! :mrgreen: At first we even can't really identify them as our teachers, sincee they looked so lively and young (yup… Ms Chua said to me later that she felt 6 years younger…)

The highlight was going back to High School and meet my ex-teachers. Wow, they looks sorta withered since this year is a pretty hectic year. The studen-initiated assignments grading system was sorta changeed, and the teachers were struggling to learn how to reject students' assignment because they didn't meet the criteria. For example, the English department no longer accept article, movie and book reviews (what the hell).

But it is great to see them! For most of them I've never seen them for a wholly 9 months (since Nov. 2005). I miss them soooooooo much, since they're really good teachers. I saw Mrs PMS too, and I am actually kind enough to make her a card too. But suddenly I couldn't muster the courage to see her. So I waited for her to take her leave for the luncheon and then placed my present on her table. Hope she sees it! ;)

 On August 2004…. " the Munch Museum's Scream was stolen at gunpoint, along with Munch's Madonna." So, another good news that comes with the day 31st of August: the artworks by Edvard (or is it EdWard? The article says EdVard), namely "Madonna" and "Scream", are recovered!!!! Cool~ they're stolen in August 2004. So after 2 years of hiding, they came out unharmed! :) Rejoiceeeee!

You can read more about the recovery of the two precious artworks here.

Welcome back, "Scream"!

Yahoo~ :mrgreen: 

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