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Yeowch #1

 My leg hurts, and it hurts like hell. Looks like the muscles are on a strike today. That wasn't my fault… I was running for charity yesterday, sort of. The event was called Glucose run (why glucose, I really don't know). More than half of my class went there, and we are the only class there running (except for a few stray people from S74). We owned!!! :mrgreen: We owned other faculties in terms of participation.

Originally we all planned to just walk. The girls registered to run for 8 rounds and guys, 18. That will be a whooping 7.2km for the Y chromosomes and 3.2km for the X chromosomes. Phew. I was walking for about 100+m when Sophia really started running. Lekchia and I joined, her, forming the "permanently running" group. The others became seasonal runners, jogging for a lap or so and then walk (and rest). Yup.

I completed 18 rounds in 40 minutes, but then Lekchia have 5 more laps to go. So I decided to join him because he said he felt like giving up since Sophia will be finishing in 1 lap also. so two of us jogged at an astonishingly slow speed under the hot evening sun. Woooooot the feeling of running non-stop is tiring but you really have a sense of achievement – bagging every 400m each lap, running for 18 laps means bagging at least 7.2km.

Lekchia finished the run, but Nicholas advised us to walk for 1 lap to cool down. so in the end Lekchia ran 19 laps and I ran 26 laps. For me, that was like 10.4 km!!! The furthest distance I've ran in my life previously was a mere 4.5km (during cross country). That was 2 times more than that, and I am so proud of myself. Of course, anything comes with a price… and the price for that frigging personal-record-breaking-feat is a PAIN PAIN PAIN LEG!!!

Yeowch #2

 Pluto was stripped off its planetory status, the smallest one out of the 9 recognised planets in the solar system. It is now known as a DRAWF PLAENT. It is too small to be a planet – it is smaller than our dear moon. And its satelite Charon, is almost half as big as it is. How amazing. Imagine having a moon as large as earth? :razz: Pluto's diameter is 18% of Earth's, surface area is 3.3% of Earth's and mass is a mere 0.21% of Earth's. Pluto is really really small…

I lived with the fact that there are 9 planets in the solar system for 16 years, and I was at first unable to accept this. I was long amazed by astronomy since young, and knew pluto long long time ago. to me, Pluto was like a little sheep lost in the Earth, wandering around the ends of the solar system. It looked so serene and mysterious. Nobody ever got a high definition photograph of it, so it's surface composition and strucutre remains a mystery until 2015 when a man-amde satellite reaches there.

An artist impression of Pluto (left) and Charon (right). Source: Wikipedia.

The small little tiny planet is erased after the International Astronomical Union redefined the term "planet". The reason why this happened is most probably caused by the discovery of many trans-Neptunian objects that are of the same size or even larger than Pluto.

Discovery of many new trans-Neptunian objects places Pluto's planet identity into question. Source: Wikipedia.

I hate to say it, but, aih, goodbye, Pluto. It really hurts to know that Pluto is no longer a planet. Suddenly you have this feeling that it've been a big lie for the past 76 years (since its discovery). Oh dear, and the dwarf planet haven't even completed a full orbit around the sun since it's discovery (243 years for it to go round the sun). 

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