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Haze Again?!

I'm really fed up, really fed up with lazy, dumb farmers from Indonesia. Can't they spend some effort on clearing the vegetation themselves without resorting to BURN them? And also Rupiah-thristy idiots that wanted to sell heavily forested land to developers so desperately they can't wait for the land to clear, so they just BURN the hell out of it.

Oh great. Now the haze is slowing blowing over Singapore. I think it'll take a few more years that the haze problem will be so serious that the government will offer free night-vision goggles to Singaporeans to wear during daylight. The stupid haze is blocking the sun, and the sky is totally obscured today. No sun. Arrrggghhh~ :mad:

Our lungs are surely dying, and we'll have to clean our houses up to many times a day because of the exponential increase in dust accumulation. I do not really want to see the same thing happening again in 1997. Schools closed down (yay!… oops.), everybody wore masks as if it is another bird-flu outbreak, clinics were crowded with people and yadda yadda yadda.

Look at the photos below and you'll now how serious it is in Singapore. From my room, I could usually see the CBD area clearly. Now it is no where to be seen. Here is the gallery .

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