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iPod? No Thanks…

This is the very first time in my life I could resist the temptation of that little white expensive and yet trendy monster, equipped with a patent-pending click-wheel, colour LCD screen and nice looking white earphones. Not to mention it's granddaddy Steve Jobs is having a bitter lawsuit fight with Creative. Oh, and I've heard Steve Jobs is paying Creative a wholly US$160million!!!

The reason is very simple. I've found something much better than that "pencil-think" Apple player. I've got Sansa e200 series from SanDisk. Don't be taken by surprise if you've never heard about SanDisk selling mp3 players. It is a new player in the iPod-dominated market with our dear Apple having more than 90% market share.Sansa e250 really gives Steve Jobs and iPod Nano a nice bitch slap. It is cheap, affordable, more features and something that resembles that "patent-pending" click-wheel of iPods. Look at the table below and see how Sansa e250 and iPod Nano measure up with each other:

See? There is a great deal of different between the two. For S$245 (excluding government taxes), you'll get a decent-looking SanDisk e250 that looks something like a black iPod Nano (lots of my friends thought I really bought one Black Nano!) with video playback function and a whooping 2GB of storage space. But for an iPod, you'll need to top up with approximately S$20 to get the nice clickwheel which the entire world is crazy about but with a mere 1GB storage and NO video playback function. So which one will you choose?

I rather have people see me as a normal guy than a trendy Apple generation guy with a white earphone hanging around. But by no means I am insulting or anti-Apple or iPod. I have no such effort and time to be like the spastic people over at Anti iPod.com to make fake movies, dumb advertisement and took pain to find flaws in Apple's advertisement.

To me, iPod and Sansa e250 is a great deal of difference in terms of price and quality they can offer… so what's your choice? :mrgreen:

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