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Taegukgi: Brotherhood Of War

Director: Kang Je-gyu

Starring: Jang Dong-gun, Won Bin, Lee Eun-ju

This movie was out eons ago, in 2004. But I've never got the chance to watch it that time because of age-restriction, andalso partly because I am quite afraid of gory scenes at that time. Only when I started to watch the Final Destination series I got used to such scenes.

So yesterday Siyun, Zhuting, Eunice, Yueqi, Chankeet, Reihorng, Simon, Robert and I went to Nick's house. Actually it wasn't a planned "movie" outing but in the end it was the girls who asked Nick's permission to watch it. At that time Simon, Reihorng and me were still swimming in the pool. Then we heard scream and gunshots like 50m away from the living room. Wow the girls really crave for sound effects I think. :razz: Wow. Then we heard the "oooh", "omigosh!", "ahhhh!!!!! *scream*" from the girls themselves. I think they saw the bloodshed parts.

We got out of the pool, dried ourselves and started watching with them…

At some scenes I got really emotional. The girls too. The boys, I didn't hear any thing, but I heard some sobbings. Zhu Ting left a pillow half-stained with her tears. Siyun covered her mouth and cried. I was teary too. Sometimes I got really too emotionally-involved in a movie… seeing that all the guys are still quite steady, I fought to hold back my tears. I did.

 That was the scene when Young Min (Lee Eun-ju) got shot when she was about to be taken away by her husband as she was a suspected communist. Later eyes got wet again when Jin-tae (Jang Dong-gun) got killed as he protected his brother, Jin-seok (Won Bin) fron gunfire of the communists. At last came the scene when the old Jin-seok, 50 years later, saw the skeleton of his deceased brother in the Korean War battlefield area.

You promised to come back and finish the shoes, but what are you doing here? I've waited for so long. What happened to your promise? Say something! I've been waiting to see you for 50 years, please say something! I shouldn't have left you alone back then. Jin-tae! ~Said by Jin-seok, when he reclaims the remains of his brother, Jin-tae.

After that movie I googled the actors names just for some extra information. Then I came across this statement about the actress, Lee Eun-ju who casted for the fiance of Jin-tae, Young-min. She was dead on Febraury 2, 2005. She commited suicide. I was greviously sad when I read that statement. But at least she relived when we watched the movie. She was so real, her emotions all written on her face when she was brought to detention and then being killed. Gosh~

Here is the synopsis (from MovieWeb):

(Left to right) Jin-tae (Jang Dong-gun) and Jin-seok (Won Bin).

"Taegukgi" is the story of two brothers who are unwillingly drafted into the South Korean army following the outbreak of the Korean War in June 1950. The older brother (Dong-gun) strives to protect his younger brother (Bin) on the battlefield while struggling to find a way to have him discharged so he can return to their village and care for the family they left behind.

However, as the war progresses, the horror and violence they witness begin to take its toll on each man and severe their bonds as brothers and soldiers. Featuring large-scale battle sequences and an intimate and complex look at the social consequences of the Korean War on its country and people, "Taegukgi" offers a unique perspective on "The Forgotten War", which permanently divided a nation and turned friends –and families– into sworn enemies.

Okay, here is the normal dose of movie spoiler that comes with every movie posts I make :mrgreen: Remember, it's a movie SPOILER. I hate to repeat this but I have to… yeah, you know.

 The movie portrays the bond between two innocent brothers who are sent into battle against their wills when the Korean War broke out. The elder, Yi Jin-tae (jang Dong-gun), was a shoeshie boy in Seoul while his younger brother, Yi Jin-seok (Won Bin), is a bright young student who wants to attend college. The were drafted into the South Korean Army and sent to the frontline.

Jin-tae wanted to send his brother back home. He thought that the battlefield was extremely unsafe for him, and he thinks that Jin-seok not only need to continue his study in college but to also live to take care of their mother and Young-min. He made a deal with his superior. He was told that if he can earn a "Taugeuk Medal" (the highest honor for a South Korean soldier), his younger brother will be sent home.

In order to win the medal, Jin-taue risked his life to get it, including dangerously infiltrated the enemy's headquarter to take out the snipers and to get a North Korean commander alive, but at the cost of his good friend's life. Jin-seok, since then, found that his brother was getting increasingly cold-blooded. He thought that he was crazy about fame and medals, and was unaware of his brother's motive to send him home, away from the battlefield. He started to question Jin-tae's morality. He told him that "The medal was obtained at a friend's life. I do not want it even if you give it to me."

 Jin-tae went overboard when we killed his fellow ex-teammate. He was found hiding in a cave at the occupation site of the communist army. He told the South Korean army that he was forced to join the communist army or not he'll get killed. His explanation was not accepted by Jin-tae and he even instructed soldier to kill these "traitors". Jin-seok immediately intercepted and saved him. However, when the communist launched a surprise attack and one of the prisonor of war attempted to kill a South Korean solder, Jin-tae shot him dead. Jin-seok was very angry because he was once the good friend of both Jin-tae and Jin-seok. The brothers fell apart.

Jin-seok went home to search for his mother and his brother's fiance, Young-min, before being sent off for another attack. While he was talking to Young-min, a few South Koreans officer captured Young-min, claiming that she was participating in North Korean rallies and signing up as a supporter of North Koreans. They did so only because the South Korean government did not give them any food, and they could only obtain them from the communists by supporting the North Korean army. She was brought away for "investigation", but actually these suspects were immediately executed after being taken away.

 Young-min was stunned when she saw detained people like her having their name called up, asked to kneel on the floor and being executed by firing. Their bodies were then kicked into a pit full of dead bodies of the "betrayers". At the time when she was asked to kneel down and the sound of loading bullets into the gun was heard, Jin-tae and Jin-seok came to her rescue. After some arguement, a gun-fire war broke out, and Young-min was killed in the process, being shot in the right lung. Before her death, Young-min told Jin-seok that she supporter the communists just to get food. She didn't do anything wrong.

Jin-seok was later imprisoned and labelled as a possible communist, alongside with many other people. During a surprise attack from the North Koreans, a South Korean commander orders for the warehouse where Jin-seok and others were imprisoned to be burned down. After the fire, Jin-tae salvaged the site where the warehouse used to be, and mistakenly believes that his brother was killed in the fire. He goes mad, and used a brick to kill the commander he thinks was responsible. He later joined the North Korean army, and became a commander in the communist army and a senseless killing machine with a hatred for South Koreans in the Flag Unit.

 Jin-seok was actually alive. After he realised that his brother was alive and joined the North Korean Army, he went to find him by surrendering to the North Korean Army. But before both of them met, a surprised attacked by the South Koreans messed up the entire situation. Jin-seok saw his brother, Jin-tae. He mindlessly killed anyone who came across his path, and finally he stumbles upon his own brother. Not recognising his own brother, Jin-tae initially tries to kill Jin-seok, but finally recognizes him.

When Jin-tae is wounded, Jin-seok tried to carry him off the battlefield but got wounded also. Jin-tae insisted Jin-seok to leave him alone, but his younger brother did not want to. He wanted his brother to leave with him. Jin-tae then wanted to pass the pen he salvaged from the brunt down warehouse. Jin-seok said "Give it to me… when we see each other again." Jin-tae promised to surrender to the South Koreans after the war is over.

As Jin-seok struggled to leave the battefield, Jin-tae bravely mans a machine-gun post to hold off the North Koreans, killing many in the process and allowing Jin-seok to escape. But he was inevitably overwhelmed and killed, his body curled up, riddled with bullets.

 The film ends with an emotional transition from the past to the present from that same position as the younger brother begs for his older brother's remains to speak to him, citing the promises that the two made. The movie then transitions back to happier times, showing Jin-seok and Young-shin's younger siblings talking about returning to school.

It was indeed a very gruesome but yet a sad movie. It depicts how brotherhood can withstand the test of war and time…

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