Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.


I realised that I was pretty abnormal today. The most out-of-the-blue thing I've done is being fat too talkative during lesson time. For some unknown reason which will be known after extensive psychoanalysis, I can'tkeep my mouth tight shut and keep babbling out useless words all the time.

Or I was talking way too loud? Everytime I talk to Ivan during Bio tutorial Mr Ngoh will not notice me talking (actually is explaining stuff to him), and today he caught me twice talking too loud. Uhoh. And during econs mock court session today, as a judge, I keep giggling and snickering. Asimov told me that I must be cool and calm, since real judges don't laugh. Oh I see.

Surprisingly Asimov wasn't PMSing today. Gosh, am I doomed or what? I got 2 PMSing teacher for these 2 years. Last year I got Mrs PMS who'smenstural cycle is like 24 hours since she gets cranky everyday. And now I found myself stuck with PMSing Asimov Blablablabla…

What an abnormal day for me. Maybe I was getting really nervous about tomorrow's math lecture test or I was excited because I've finished my second draft of my Evaluation of Materials for project work. Imagine cramming in loads of evaluation and analysis of 3, not 1 keypoints + evaluation of reliability of source in a mere 600 words?! Haha… it took me 2 hours for me toe dit my draft from 850+ words to 600 words. The process of cancelling out your own work due to work limit really hurts… owch.

Nites :mrgreen:

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