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Sensitive VS Insensitive

I've knew this guy for a very long time, since last year. And I think that he is a perfectly okay person, although I am aware that many people were shunning him. My friends even asked me to avoid him, but I find no problem in him. I thought others were paranoid about him.

But then recently I found him extremely annoying. Then I realised that I was stupid enought not to know that the way he talk really hurts others. And he is such an insensitive guy! The word "insensitive" about him never crossed my mind until recently. Sometimes he really pisses me off… :evil: does this mean I am a senstivie guy? I really don't know.

But what I've learnt is that insensitivity can really hurt others. I haven't realise that until when I realised I'm being on my own. I was lonely and nobody wanted to speak to me. After asking some friends around me, they told me off that I was being a far too insensitive people. Insenstive people are not only insensitive towards others feelings but also insensitive to their own insensitivity. They NEVER knew that they are insensitive, and never knew that their words can sometimes hurt a lot. Believe me, this is true because I went through this whole grueling experience myself.

I tried to be more sensitive then. I started to observe how people react to different words of different intensity, ranging from "you're so funny!" to "you're such a clown" and from "you're so silly" to "you're such an idiot". And I realise that I say these offensive words often! Gosh!

So… please try to be sensitive to others feelings. Remember the golden rule? If you respect others, others will respect you too ;) 

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