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Fruitful Day

 So today a number of people from my class met up with our ex biology tutor Ms Wong for lunch at Suntec City's Pizza Hut :mrgreen: oh I must say that the new pizza (sorry I think I forgot the name) tastes real GOOD! But too bad I ate lunch before going to the lunch (okay, a paradox here…) so I have not much stomach space to accomodate more than one pizza slice, 3 cups of pepsi and 1 chicken drumlet.

Ms Wong changed a lot, I have to say. She looked slimmer (no offence), and funkier. Her new hair style rocks! Like a bunch of weeds… haha I just felt like spraying weed-killer on her hair. And I talked a lot to her during the lunch since she's a Malaysian too and she sat beside me ;) Haha. She got a dog at home, which is in Sarawak, East Malaysia. Cool! Too bad I cannot have a dog. Then we have Hongyu, Ms Wong's biomedical quiz classmate. He's serving NS now, and keep saying how bad is it. Ooh~  :razz: but he said because he got flat feet, his life is much better than the guys.

 After lunch we went to Marina Square, the arcade. I am quite surprised that my classmates don't know that I do play arcade games. Espeically Para Para Paradise. In case you didn't notice, my crazy and love for the game is part of my "About Me" section on my blog :) Siyun even thought that I was cheating (she said "Are you really playing or is it just a demonstration?") since I got combos like crazy. Haha. And the guys stared in astonishment. Okay, I know it is supposed to be a gal game, but I love dancing ;) I've seen loads of guys play this game too! 

I also get to know my classmates more, a lot more! Like Shueli, Sean, Siyun, Eunice, Reihorng, Val, Samantha, Nicki and Zhuting :) I suddenly see characteristics I've never seen on them before. I explored a new dimension in them, and I am happy to say that they all turned out to be great people with awesome personalities. Especially Shueli, Sean, Siyun, Zhuting and Nicki, since we stayed behind for some very crazy window shopping for a couple of hours. Only Nicki bought his training outfit. What the rest of us got is a pair of tired legs :razz: haha.

Very tired especially forcing me to keep awake throughout the live boradcast of the National Day Parade. Oh, and I nearly forgot to wish Garden City a Happy Birthday!!! :D Nites… 

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