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So let's talk about the conversation between Mr Crooked* and me at night, a few moments ago. That conversation lietrally pissed me off, and I do not know why the hell does Mr Crooked has such a narrow scope of view. Oh, and Mr Crooked is the person in charge of my cluster in the boarding school. Each cluster has about 18 people.

He asked me about my block test results, and I hoesntly told him that I flunked Chemistry. Then he started to sorta spam me with all the negative observations he made about me over the past few terms. He said that I was always sleeping during study time, he didn't see me studying, didn't see me doing homework, see me blogging all the time… wow a whole load of flawed arguments from Mr Crooked!

Well, sorry that I slept during study time, but I think you're blind enough not seeing my studying after 12am. I am simply too tired! I would greatly appreciate if you could open your eyes a little wider.

You didn't see me doing homework and studying? Awwww too bad. I was studying at other times, in school, in the library or somewhere else in Singapore. What a hasty generalisation. Does it mean that if I never see you pee before means you do not need to excrete?

Blogging. That was after 10pm. And you turned on your wireless internet connection at that time, and there is no law in the boarding school nor Singapore that states that blogging is a crime or whatsoever. I just think that you're trying to pinpoint me, trying to make life difficult for me. You want to see me cry like what I did when I was Sec 2? Too bad. I've acquired new skills such as sarcasm and heck-care-you for the past 3 years. Again, awww too bad.

About making life difficult for me. I find it very surprising that a trusted person by the boarding school admin like you actually can discriminate against me in front of other people. In case you've forgoteen, you offered many people around me chocolate one day near the TV areaand you acted as if you didn't see me. So among all the others there, I am the single soul that didn't receive or blessing of probably expired chocolates or whatsoever. Bleh.

I was initially very angry about you, because you said that my studying style is completely useless. Wow, what an insult to me, Mr Crooked. I didn't offend you and you're treating me worse off than anybody else in the same cluster. You didn't respect me at all, and I always said sorry whenever you tried to make life difficult for me, for example, scolding me for not turning off the lights while my roommate should do so since he's in the room and I am in the toilet or somewhere else.

I tried my best in studying, and now you insulted me. I feel like pelting you with rotten eggs :mrgreen:

Ah, after all this ramblings I start to feel a little better.

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