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Where Is My Lady Luck?

 Lady Luck doesn't seem to be with me today during Chem SPA Skill B & D assessment. Eh, to those readers who don't know what SPA is, it is just some lab skills and experimental results evaluation techniques. Gah. So today's question is the same as the practise lab experiments for the past 2 weeks… involving passing gas evolved from reactants into an inverted burette.

I waited for 3 minutes and no gas evolved although the reaction had started. The conical flask was stoppered well. The reagents are added in correct proportions. Reagents are shaken well before the experiment… what could have went wrong!!!

Sought help from Miss Chua. She stoppered the flask for me and again, no gas evolved. Oh great. She said the rubber tubing was leaking. Gah! :mad: I changed another one and repeated the experiment. And I still get NIL result. Looks like I am so unlucky that I got 2 rubber tubings that are leaking?! What the hell~

No time for experiments. I struggled to write Skill D evaluation. Then I used the remaining time to do the last experiment. It worked!!! :mrgreen: Yahoo~ but I have no time to do the second experiment (there are 2 to do in totla). So I just duplicated and slightly modified the results…

Argh~ I think I'll fail…

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