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Israel-Lebanon Conflict

The conflict started on 12th July 2006, initiated by Hezbollah from Lebanon. Israeli responded by sending in troops, having naval blockade on Lebanon and air-striked the nation. I have loads of things to say about this conflict.


Can you guys stop cheering about losing little troops over the course of the conflict. By "cowardly blending" into Lebanon civilians, you are jsut causing more innocent people to die, especially the helpless women and children. 340 and 350 of them have died. Do you want this to continue? Do you know that you not doing any good to anybody, excpet for yourself. YOU ARE SELFISH PEOPLE. You brought your homeland into war that killed your own people! How can you do such things?!

 Do you know because of the war, how many people died? How many people were trying desperately to cross the border? How many people mourned about their loved ones death? How many buildings are destroyed? How many people's lives are devastated?


You are wrong too! Do you know that you killed many civilians and little Hezbollah targets? No wonder you're accused for your offense being "disproportionate" and "a violation of international humanitarian law".  Your air-strikes brought about massive destruction in Lebanon, especially in Beirut, you killed 4 unarmed peacekeepers in a UN building? This building should be safe from your airstrike. Can't you read UN properly? Does it spell HEZBOLLAH'S HEADQUARTERS to you? Dumb!

 You even launched attack on ambulances. At least 10 Lebanon ambulances you've attack. They have this conspicuous international red cross sign on the top of them, and you mistaken them as mini vans driven by Hezbollah members? They are meant to help the civilians, evacuating them from warzone. And what you did is just to kill them off. Sacrificing many innocent civilians for a few Hezbollah members, you're purely, erm, brainless.

Look at the destruction you've done!

Omigosh, I can't believe what you've done to Lebanon. You are supposed to target HEZBOLLAH and not LEBANON!!!

We want peace. And you? You destroy peace!

Gosh~ :cry: 

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