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National Track & Fields Final

I went to National Track & Fields Final yesterday. Took a chartered bus from my school with Baochen to Chua Chu Kang stadium along with some councillors and some students (mostly J2s). The reason why we were there? We were assigned to cover this even as the school photographers.

The entire event for Baochen and me started off with an unhappy note. We went to the information booth at the stadium to buy the photographer's pass, which allows us to get down from the spectator stand to take photos beside the track. Each school is assigned to passes ONLY. Since my school is an IP school, we got 2 passes for the High School and 2 passes for the College section. Cool. :cool:

God knows that the receptionist told us that all 4 photographers passes are bought. That was really weird because the High School photographers told us that they bought 2 only. By right there should be 2 remaining for the college photographers.

Then after some talking with aother PE teachers and the high school photography society teacher-in-charge, we shokingly discovered that a selfish PE teacher named Mr Bad-Temper bought 2 photographer's pass for the college. We confronted him and found out thathe bought the pass because he could not get a standard pass. An EXTREMELY IDIOTIC MOVE because the passes and meant for PHOTOGRAPHERS, and the fact that HE DOESN"T EVEN HAVE A CAMERA WITH HIM. Damm it. I was very angry as he insisted not to return us to of the passes he bought but 1. What the hell? How can a TEACHER do this? Not a photographer and bought a photographer's pass in a desperate attempt to get into the spectator's stand.

So Mr Bad-Temper and I got into argument:

Me: Mr Bad-Temper (BT), why did you buy 2 photographer's passes? Those passes are only meant for photographers.

BT:  But I need to get into the stadium.

Me: But you are not a photographer! How can you use such tactics to get into the stadium?!

BT: If I don't get the passes, I don't get the atheletes, and if the atheletes don't get in, who will you be taking photos of? (FREAKINGLY FLAWED ARGUMENT)

Me: This is just …! You don't have a camera and you bought the photographer's pass?! What a joke.

BT: But you've got one pass!!!

Me: Of course I know. But these 2 passes should be ours, and you don;t have the right to buy it! You disguised yourself to buy photographer's passes.

BT: If I don't get the passes to bring my atheletes in, you have nothing to take!

Me: Wah~~~~~~ (angrily) WOW!!!!

Mr Bad-Temper walks away.

I was impressed by Baochen. He didn't loose his cool! I lost mine. But that teacher isn't fit to be called a teacher! How can he use such dirty and crafty tactics! We then came to a conclusion that we shall lodge a complaint tomorrow, since he was wrong at first.

Okay, so we managed to enter the spectator's stand with one normal pass and one photopgraher's pass. Baocehn went down to take some pictures while I wait on the spectator's stand (since we got only 1 photographer's pass thanks to Mr Bad-Temper). It was encouraging to see how people ditched in the tried their best to clinch a medal for themselves and for their school. Imagine all the seat and tears behind all these during their training.

Again there were cases where the atheles got tripped and fell down. But they managed to get up and continue running, although it was obvious that they were the last in the race. Everytime when a school representative reaches the finishing line, the school's students will cheer like crazy. Everythime when these people who finished the race, they got the entire stadium to clap for them ;) I am impressed. It must be very pain to fall and to continue running. Ouchie.

False fire. There were a few times, and I was quite worried for some of the atheletes. One even ran a wholly 200 metres before knowing that it was a false fire and wasted a substantial amount of energy. But in the end that person managed to get 4th or 5th. Impressive! :mrgreen:

And then during the long distance racing (800m). Schools cheered for their atheletes when they overtook others. Some managed to conserve energy and sprinted for the last lap. That was cool! You thought they were going to be the last when they started slow… but in the end they can be far ahead! I saw Eva! She rocks!!! She was trying hervery best to run… at an astonishing speed :D

I heard from my friend that my school's atheletes ain't very good in track events, but we shine when our atheletes compete in the field. Interestingly this year we did quite well for track too! At least a secured a few gold, some silver and bronze. Wow!

Baochen had to leave at 5.30pm. So I took his photographer's pass and went down to the track. At that time, the remaining races were A Division Girls relay, A Division Boys relay and B Division Girls relay. Three more events to go before prize giving ceremony. I took quite some photos ;)

Prize giving ceremony. Singapore Sports School bagged most of the prizes, which worried me a lot. If my school didn't get the chamption for any of the divisions, no more holiday for the next day. Surprisingly my school got chamions for all A, B and C divisions! COOL!!!!! Holiday! My school students cheered out loud when they saw our principal walking towards the atheletes. We sang the school song and took a big family picture :)

It was chaotic outside Chua Chu Kang stadium. Lots of people. And it was 7.10pm. I need to get back to school by 8pm because we bag is in the photography society's room and I need to return the camera too. I waited and waited for some time for an empty cab. I didn't care about the recent fare hike since I was really rushing for time. Haha.

Managed to get back to the hostel at 8.05pm. I took a bath and slept… until 7am the next day!!! 

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