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Aiya #1

 ITALY won! The entire boarding school was flooded with screams in the wee hours of today morning. Aih didn't really got a good sleep. I was watching the match from the 20th minute to the 35th minute if not mistaken, and what I saw was 22 people on 100% boring defensive mode. So I went to sleep and asked me friend to wake me up during penalty shot. But I didn't manage to wake up… *oops*

Zidane. Read from the newspaper that he head-butted some Italies footballer whose name starts with a M. Hmmm… ouchie I have to say. Ouchie!!! Got a red card, that is so sad and dampened France's fighting spirit.

The match also prooved all the Feng Shui Masters on Newpaper wrong (except for 1 out of the 8). All of them said what wood and water stuff which is so confusing… and the article said that it somehow favours the French who will be wearing WHITE. Does Wood and water have anything to do with WHITE? Hmmm…

Aiya #2

 Omigosh Chankeet got cromi when he was mapling and he is only lvl 17! Not fair, I also want one!

According to him, erm, there was this very pro mage showing off his assets by dropping his cromi on henesys hunting ground. Then he got hit by a slime, making him fall way down, so Chankeet just made a mad rush for the cromi and he got it! Wow~

Aiya #3

I am still stuck at lvl 45 cleric. Sucks! I wanted to play my Aquila character, but Reihorng was selfish enough not to use his lvl 55 character to train my lvl 4 noob. Haha just kidding. If he wants to train me, all the experience points will still go to him anyway :mrgreen:

Aiya #4

Asimov was angry today. Don't know why, he seemed bery agitated while teaching us during lesson. Shouted out so loud at people who whispered to their classmates. And he pinpointed my project like crazy… :twisted: I think he bet his entire month's salary on France yesterday :razz: haha.

Aiya #5

Aiya, I've wrote until the 4th point and I have nothing left to write for the 5th. Aiya~ nites! 

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