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Superman Returns

Director: Bryan Singer

Starring: Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey, James Marsden

(Left to Right) Brandan Routh as Clark Kent / Superman and Kate Bosworth and Lois Lane.

Here is a plot summary:

After missing for 6 years, Superman returns to Earth by storm in the epic Superman Returns. He went searching for his planet Krypton after astronomists declared its existence, but found that his planet was destroyed by a supernove unleashed by a dying redstar.

While his long time enemy Lex Luther (Kevin Spacey) plots to render him powerless and be the 21st century Prometheus, Superman realizes that the woman he loves, Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth), is married to Richard White (James Marsden). Another shocking discovery – Lois Lane won the Pulitzer Award by writing the article “Why the World doesn’t Need Superman”. Superman tries to fit into the society while trying to bridge the differences between he himself and Lois. In an attempt to protect the world he loves from cataclysmic destruction, Superman embarks on an epic journey of redemption that takes him from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of outer space.

Lex Luther unleashed hell upon the Metropolis (the city where Clark Kent lives and works in) many times by dropping a small portion of the crystal obtained from the Fortress of Solitude and then later inserting the crystal into a kryptonite tube to grow new landmasses that lead to earthquakes and flooding. Superman goes around the city saving people, including the Dialy Planet (the news publishing company he works for) boss from a collapsing globe.

The man of steel is finally with us again in the epic installment ‘Superman Returns’ at the helm of ‘X-Men’ director Bryan Singer. The plot focuses on Superman questioning if he is the last survivor of the doomed planet Krypton and without a word to nobody goes in search of its remains to find nothing and return back to Earth where he finds that the world no longer needs a hero… and neither does Lois Lane. Lois has also moved on with her life in ways that can only hurt Superman in more than one way. One person who isnt happy with Supermans return is his longtime nemesis Lex Luthor who is fresh out of prison has another scheme up his sleeve. Superman must overcome his most daring obstacles yet and reclaim the heart of Lois and go out to prove that the world needs an example to follow… and a hero.

(From Left) Bryan Singer briefing Brandon Routh on the movie scenes.

Okay, finally we can move on to the spoiler. It is a SPOILER, so please read the terms and conditions before you decide to bring me to court :mrgreen: Just kidding.

The film opens with a short explanation of the plot up to the present point: Superman’s homeworld Krypton is destroyed by the shockwave of a supernova from the collapse of the system’s sun, a red giant. Superman has been absent from Earth for five years; after astronomers on Earth supposedly pinpointed the location of Krypton, he went to find out if anything of it remained. Superman’s spacecraft is then shown crashing near the Kent family farm. As Martha Kent examines the crash site, Clark reaches out to her and passes out in his mother’s arms.

Superman’s return to Earth generates much of the character development in the film, particularly for Lois Lane. During Superman’s absence she became engaged to Richard White, nephew of the editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet, and gave birth to a son, Jason. Lois’ strong sense of disillusionment, and her resentment over Superman’s original departure and long absence (she is to receive a Pulitzer Prize for an editorial essay titled “Why the World Doesn’t Need Superman”), combined with her lingering feelings for him, result in significant internal conflict which is never fully resolved.

(From Left) Richard White, Clark Kent, Jason White and Lois Lane

The film’s main storyline concerns an attempt by Lex Luthor (who was released from prison during Superman’s absence) to harness stolen Kryptonian technology. After being released from prison, Lex marries an old woman, who in her last dying moments, signs over all of her fortune and possessions to him. With his newly obtained resources, he sets off in search of the Fortress of Solitude. Luthor steals several crystals from there and uses holographic recordings of Superman’s father to learn that on Krypton, such crystals were routinely used to “grow” useful objects such as buildings and vehicles, and could even be used to grow entire new landmasses. Luthor sets out to grow a new continent in the Atlantic Ocean, the size and displacement of which will cause most of the United States to flood. In the ensuing chaos, he will use his possession of the crystal technology to become a world superpower.

The gang of evil people. 3rd from left is Lex Luther. They are seeing what can the crystal they’ve obtained from the Fortress of Solitude can do when in contact with water.

Luthor succeeds in planting the ‘seed crystal’ and the continent begins to grow, but Superman is ultimately able to prevent large-scale catastrophe by lifting the new-formed landmass directly out of the ocean and throwing it into space, albeit at significant cost to his health. Superman had already been weakened by a fight with Luthor in which he was stabbed with a shard of kryptonite, and the seed crystal of the continent also contained kryptonite. After throwing it into space, Superman lapses into unconsciousness and falls back to Earth, where he is rushed to hospital. The doctors’ efforts to help him prove futile, since Superman’s skin can’t be penetrated by needles or electricity. He hovers near death before recovering.

The movie ends with Superman telling Lois, “I’m always around” and flying off around the globe, back in his position as protector of the planet.

Another significant sub-plot concerns the paternity of Lois’ son Jason; though Jason is presented initially as Richard and Lois’ son, several scenes imply that Superman is in fact his biological father. Other (more ambiguous) moments are also scattered about the film, such as Lois whispering something to a comatose Superman when she and Jason go to visit him. The following is a list of the moments which exemplify this most obviously:

  • When Lois and Jason are being held hostage by Luthor, Jason shows an aversion to a kryptonite crystal. Luthor notices this, too, and seems to draw the same connection.
  • On Luthor’s yacht, one of his henchmen is prevented from attacking Lois by a flying grand piano, which Jason was playing only moments before. Although Jason isn’t shown lifting or throwing the piano, he is seen with both hands outstretched, implying he had pushed it. Some speculate it was a lurch of the boat that caused it, but this is improbable because the piano moves with far too much force while nothing else in the room moves at all. In addition, Lois and the thug were on a raised platform at the edge of the room while Jason was sitting at the piano on a lowered section of the floor.
  • After Brutus the thug is killed by the piano, Jason is about to take a breath from his inhaler but realizes he no longer needs it.
  • During the hospital scene Lois whispers inaudibly into Superman’s ear; some have assumed that she told him the truth about him being Jason’s biological father.
  • In one of the film’s final scenes, Superman visits the sleeping Jason and speaks to him, reciting the words his own father had left him in the holographs of the Fortress of Solitude.
  • Jason is around five years old, which is roughly the same amount of time that Superman was away from Earth following the events of Superman II.

Enjoy the movie!

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