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And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Nightmare Begins

Nightmare begins as the block test begins! :D I am pretty saturated now with a mind that is totally confused and full of data mixed all together. Wow.

Today is economics paper 1 and 2, which are the few papers that are relatively easy compared to the biology syllabus. Urgh, I think I gonna die for Bio. I just started revising Chem, with Maths hanging somewhere in the middle of the air, and with lots of Bio stuff that I just can't squeeze into my mind.

Oh, and tomorrow we have GP. Erm, I'mnot gonna spend a lot of time on it since, haha, I will flung it anyway. I must secure a pass for composition, but for compre, at least get something above ungraded :razz:

Geez, I reached school early today at 9.00am and the test only starts at 1.00pm! Heard loads of extremely funny and animated stories from dear Yiwei which made me laugh like crazy on the first day of school in term 3 :D good start.

Now everyone noticed I'm trimmed my hair so short that it rendered me as a big sucker in choosing barbers. Actually it wasn't the barber's fault. Mom requested her to trim it as short as possible to "save some money for God's sake". Wadever :mrgreen: Yuting said I looked as if I am balding. Ooh, time to look for professional help from Beijing 101…  ah, is my hair really THAT SHORT? LOL :cool:

Getting crazy, crazier and craziest. :?

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