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What A Waste! #1

Hi all! Welcome to “What A Waste!” series. In this series, I shall show you the ugliest thing that others build using from taxpayers money. See how buildings get abandoned and construction projects being halted. A blatant and cruel way to drain the national fund. No thanks to those irresponsible people out there.

The first series – an abandoned hawker centre near my home, a waste of we taxpayers’ money! You will see how vandalised the building is now – and now you wonder, where did your taxes go.

Welcome to the ABANDONED hawker centre.

Completed in mid-2000, this hawker centre is never well-received in my neighbourhood. Out of more than 10 stalls, only 3 were rented out to 2 hawkers who sold nasi lemak (coconut rice) and other food stuff and a shopowner who opened a convenience shop. After 3 months or so, they all moved out due to poor business. It was left vacant since then.

And now is 2006. After years of being abandoned by the neighbourhood, it is still being abandoned. The residents of the neighbourhood never even thought it ever existed. Wasted. I bet at least 1 million is wasted, and all from our money! And worse still, drug addicts that are eager to get their hands on another dose of carcinogenic heroine stripped the building from wires and small metal compartments. The reason? To sell them to some metal scrapping site and get some money so that they can buy drugs.
Today evening I grabbed the chance to enter the building and take some photos. Everytime there is this gang of people who gather near it, and I do not even think of getting near them because of the poor security of my area. Ahem.

Let’s start from the ground floor. Anyway, the building has 2 floors.

The stalls. Wires are stripped from the wall. Did you see that?

Even light bulbs and ceiling fans are removed! Gosh! What the hell were the drug addicts thinking?!

A shot as I stood on the crumbling table. All walls are stripped from wires and stuff like that.

The preparation area of a stall. Only the sink is left. All electrical outlets and even the tap (what the hell?!) are gone!!!

Now let’s move upstairs. The stairs ain’t in good condition. The creaking sound make me feel that it will give way sooner or later. Since my birth country is a Muslim nation, there have to be a Bilik Sembahyang (Praying Room) for the Malays.

The praying room. Look at the carpet and the ground. Ewww~

And now the function hall.

Looks pretty ok from far, just that it needs a little painting job to be done.

As I move closer, I discovered something very shocking and ridiculous! The drug addicts even removed all the windows from the function hall! Gosh! And they also removed the door and sold it!

Window-less hall. Oh great.

The mouldy ground of the function hall.

Exposed to the harsh elements of weather, the function hall looks like hell.

The roof. Vandals removed the metal bars supporting the roof, causing it the cave in.

Light bulbs are GONE. ALL of them.

What a waste of taxpayers’ money! Hope this doesn’t happen again…

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