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Joke #1: Why Skinny Peeps Don’t Get Love

Source: A magazine. (ah wadever, just a magazine)

Cupid: Argh! She so skinny, I can’t even make her a target!

No wonder skinny people don’t get love… like me! :mrgreen: Just kidding, anyway.

Joke #2: How Business Deals Are Made

One day a World Bank approached his son.

Manager: “Son, I want you to marry this girl.”

Son: “No dad, I have a girl in mind already.”

Manager: “But she’s Bill Gates’ daughter!”

Son: “If that’s the case…”

Then the manager talked to Bill Gates after a conference.

Manager:” Hey Gates, why not arrange a marriage between your daughter and my son?”

Gates: “Why should I?”

Manager: “Because he’s World Bank’s director.”

Gates: “If that’s the case…”

After that, the manager went to see his boss, the World Bank’s Chairperson.

Manager: “Chairman, I would like to recommend this young man to be our new director.”

Chairman: “We’ve more than enough directors. I don’t think we need one more.”

Manager: “But he’s Bill Gates’ son-in-law!”

Chairman: “If that’s the case…”

Joke #3: Bed

One day this kindergarten teacher wants to teach her students a new noun called BED.

Teacher: “Do you know what is this called? [shows them a picture of a bed]”
Students: “No teacher!”

Teacher: “So what your dad sleeps on every night?”

Student A: “Mommy!”

Teacher: “No dear. So what you mom sleeps on when your dad isn’t at home?”

Student A: “Uncle Tommy!”

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