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Funny Stuff Floods My Blog

Funny Stuff #1: Da Chang Jin
Look at the Korean Movie poster below where faces of characters from the famous Da Chang Jin (Dae Jang Geum) drama is pasted onto… funny :lol:


Funny Stuff #2: Cambodian Prime Minister bans 3G handphone

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has banned 3G mobile phones after a complaint from his wife and her friends about receiving pornography on them.

Oooh~ so if his wife gets hurt by a washing machine all Cambodians will have to wash their laundry with their bare hands? Haha :D Well, he should just try to limit the usage of 3G phones and not ban them. From economics, I’ve learnt that total ban leads to a greater welfare loss (a.k.a deadweight loss) as compared to taxation… wadever. :razz:
But, this problem is really quite serious indeed, like my web friend Michelle received some obscene materials on the train when she was returning from work. You can read more about that harrowing experiences here.

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