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Animate It

My second sabbatical module is Animate It (or in simple words, an animation workshop), after my inline skating module. As the lesson started yesterday, I felt cheated! Argh, I thought it will be some 3D animaton workshop (since my project work is about 3D animation, I though joining it could help), but who knows that it turned out to be a Macromedia Flash workshop! Brrr~ *bleep*

The instructor started off with the really basic stuff, treating us like perfect noobies. Ah, like how to draw circles, how to fill it with the colour you want, how to tweak the lines etc. I nearly fell asleep during the process. Haha, sort of boring lah. Actually I don’t feel really guilty sleeping since people in fornt of me like Kern Cheh are playing Warcraft. Wadever.

Later in the day we have another instructor. I have to say that he is more interesting and managed to get us shut our big mouth and really start working on our falsh project, which is to choose a company you want to advertise for and make an advertisement for it (but of course we don’t get paid :razz:)

Anyway, the new instructor taught us really hard stuff which I’ve never seen before (like some very complicated stuff I’ve never known Macromedia has incoporated into its programme). So I fought back that sickening sleepiness and kept awake to learn new stuff…

The course turned out to be quite fun (doesn’t apply those who played Warcraft during the entire 2-day course) and interesting (applies to those who played Warcraft, since Warcraft is deemed to be interesting to them)…. :mrgreen:

So here is my product… no sound yet. Just a simple flash movie starting off with my DIY Paramount Pictures Advertisement. Cool eh? :cool: Haha, then it introduces you Mission Impossible 3, and it comes along with a movie trailer! Wow :D

Haha, enjoy! Just click on the image to view the flash movie. If the link doesn’t work, you can click here to view my flash movie ;) WARNING: The .swf file is 2.81mb (especially to those with slow internet connection)

Yay, holiday starts! :D

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