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Inline Skating

Sabatticals Part I – Inline Skating. Frankly, choosing inline skating as my sporting sabbaticals didn’t even crossed my mind. I have this fear of moving on wheels or skates because I suffered from serious abrasions on my legs when I first attempted to ice-skate. Bleh. :razz:

Imagine skting for 6 hours for the past 2 days (so 12 hours in total). LOL, I’ve become quite a charcoal :D Some of my friends got sun-burns, so I should feel lucky that I am just tanned and not burned! I am quite happy actually, because imagine being transformed from a total skating noobie on the first day who doesn’t even know how to move forward and balance with skates to a pro-noobie who knows how to stride, toro and turn. Whoosh~ ;)

Things I’ve learnt from the sabbatical:

  • DO NOT BREATHE HARD AND FAST (especially when everyone is removing their guards and skates) – you’ll get the experience the chemical behind sweating feet and stinky equipments soaked in sweat. Argh! The smell is unbearable and can make you faint instantly. And remember to sit furhter apart while changing to normal shoes because after 6 hours of skating, people who doesn’t sweat can be transformed into a stinky hell (especially their feet!). Back home I can’t imagine that stink came from my own legs!
  • DO NOT TALK WHILE SKATING (especially when you’re a noobie) – we can’t really multitask. When you talk, you’ll fall as you’ll lose balance easily. This is like trying to do standing board jump using the skates… ooof! And as you talk, you stand straighter, and you’ll get the higher chance to fall on your butt, which will hurt like hell. Typical example, me. Fell 5 times on my butt yesterday while talking to others *whoops*
  • DO NOT WALK UP THE SLOPE WITH SKATES – although this activity is optional, I decided to give it a try, and my option has proven me wrong. Geez, fell another 3 times on my butt because I attempted to walk up the slop with my skates. I’ve tried to go up the slope by walking horizontally like a crab so that the skates will not succumb to the forces of gravity by sliding down the slope. But when fatigue sets it, anything can happen, including the pair of stupid skates suddenly changing direction, making you slide backwards down the slope… a total nightmare!

Guess this sums all for what I’ve done for the past 2 days :) Damn tired after the skating, slept for 11 hours for the very first time!!!

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