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The Da Vinci Code

Director: Ron Howard

Starring: Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou, Ian McKellen and Jean Reno

I think the craze of the screening of the movie Da Vinci Code swept around the globe right from Paris to Singapore. Checked Golden Village and CineLeisure websites and found that most of the shows are fully booked. So I forced myself to travel 40 minutes to Chua Chu Kang Lot 1 to watch the movie. Golly, the theatre is like one quarter full :D Yippe!

Shall not brag more about the experience. Since this movie is also greatly disputed by the Christians and the members of Opus Dei, I shall not release the movie spoiler because I tend to say the wrong things at the wrong time. I also heard many religious leaders advising people to boycott the film.

Okay, wadever. Anyway, I will be presenting both sides of my opinion – from the factual point of view and the fictional one.

Factual point of view – Dan Brown has integrated fact and fiction so well that everyone will come out from the theatre totally CONFUSED, and don’t know which is true and false. Being a non-Christian, I do not know that is the Holy Grail, the Rose Line and Mary Magdalene. So confusing! So I somehow forced myself to visit Wikipedia for further clarification so that I can distinguish between the real stuff, and the fake stuff (and the disputes, duh!). And the movie put Opus Dei in bad light, so as the Vatican. Geez.

Fictional point of view – the storyline is attractive and exiciting. Solid plot with action-packed scenes like how Audrey drove her car backwards for some 400m in the busy Paris downtown street and left with just a missing side-viewing mirror. Wow. Love how the director brings the audience close to the feeling of cracking the code. What Fibonnaci numbers, Leornado Da Vinci analoged to (O, draconian devil) and The Mona Lisa (Oh, lame saint!). Wonderful.
But I hate the fact that there is this thud thud sound throughout the movie trying to make your heart beat faster. Damn annoying. Action packed with lots of technical terms which I totally don’t understand. Except for Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou, everyone seemed to have double personality. They can be good at the previous mintue and suddenly become a pain-in-the-ass in the next. Bad guys can suddenly turn good. Okay, so what I’ve learnt from the movie is, never died for a secret you’re hiding.

Oh, and a movie boofer here – at the last few minutes Tom Hanks accidentally scratched his face while shaving, creating a small bleeding wound. After that he left the hotel and followed the Rose Line, and the scenes that followed show NO SCAR / INJURY on his face. Hmmm, looks like the makeup team is to blame…

A good movie or not? You’ll be the judge…

P.S.: You can know more about the entire confusing thing at Wikipedia (brings you directly to the Da Vinci Wikipage). :D

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