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Goodbye Teachers~

Today is the last schooling day of the term since we’re having sabbaticals for the entire next week. And our relief teachers are now going to leave to school to seek for further education. Means that after 5 months of teaching us, nurturing us, our teachers will be leaving us in the hands of the new teachers. Awww~ that is like really sad.

Teachers that are leaving are our biology, chemistry and maths tutors, who are Ms Wong, Ms Ho and Ms Tan respectively. I must say that I’ve enjoyed their tutorials for the past 5 months… their tutorials are fun-filled and interesting. It is quite amusing that they can actually make the class rocks with laughter by just telling a few short jokes :D

I’m sure that the class will miss them a lot. They’re such good people. Who wants them to leave, especially when we’ve formed special bonds with them as we regard them as part of our class?

Sophia initiated this writing activity – everyone writes 3 different notes to our 3 teaches. Then we complied them together in 3 files plus some class photos, and give them to our teachers as souvenirs! :mrgreen: I could still remember how frantically we were trying to assemble all the notes into the files, pasting the photos and rehearsing the song so that we can sing when the teachers come later!

Frantic preparation before the teachers enter the lecture theatre.

The gals hugging the teachers…

It was such a saddening moment. Everyone can bear to part as we’ve been together in 5 months… goodbye, and thanks for all you’ve done for us, teachers!

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