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Phew That Was CLOSE!

Frankly speaking I thought of naming this post with a spookier name, which I will reveal later. But then since it is for the general audience and not to scare the kids, I decided to settle with a funkier post title :razz: wadever…

Actually this post should be named “My Close Shaves With Death”, but then, argh, sounds too demonic and stuff like that. But those were really close moments that I might loose my life, and if I didn’t manage to free myself from the situation at that very second, I might not be blogging here anymore…

Phew That Was CLOSE! #1

If my memory didn’t fail me I think it happenned around 1995 to 1997. It was a year end holiday and my parents brought me to a clubhouse, joined by my first uncle’s family. We headed for the swimming pool. The kids (my brother, my 3 cousin sisters and I) were playing happily in the baby pool (since we’re too young to use to 1.2m deep adult pool). Everything went fine.

In the late afternoon I went to the toilet and I returned to the swimming pool. I suddenly noticed this jacuzzi pool behind the slide near the baby pool, and the slide obstructed the view from my parents and relatives. So I recklessly jumped in the pool expecting a bubbling swim in the pool. GOD KNOWS THAT THE POOL IS 1.5 METERS DEEP!

I struggled in the water like a fish out of water, gasping for air. Then I started to drink lots of pool water and I started to slow down. I tried to scream but nobody heard me. I looked up at the poolside underwater and saw nobody. I thought that was the end.

Miraculously there was this invisible hand that scooped me out of water. It pushed me near the side of the pool that ascends towards the water surface (there is no stairs but a gentle slope that leads down to 1.5m). Looking back, I saw nothing, but I knew God saved me. Thanks.

Phew That Was CLOSE! #2

It was about 1997 when me and my mom were crossing a busy road after a shopping trip. I could remember it was after Chirstmas, so there were lots of wiring and cables on the center divider of the road. Stupid enough I placed my feet into a loop of wire and tripped. Then the wire started to wind around my legs and became taut. GOD KNOWS THE WIRE SPANS ACROSS THE ROAD, and so the taut wire is suspended like 20cm above the road.

It was red light over at the junction. No traffic on the road yet. If any vehicle drive pass the taut wire I WILL BE DRAGGED ALONG WITH IT. Mom was so panic that she cried as she tried to free my legs from the wire.

The light went green. Cars came zooming down the rope. Mom was still trying to free my stangled leg from the stupid wire. Finally she managed to free my leg about 10 seconds before a car came near the cable. Phew~

Phew That Was Close! #3

It was 2002. I was in Sec 1 and went for trekking, joined by about 100 students and 4 teachers. Then when we were walking near the Riple Range Road, I can’t find my trekking parter. I walked backwards because I was checking whether he was ahead of me as I walk towards the end of the team.

Then suddenly I heard m friend screamed, “Terry! Watch out! Behind!” And as I looked backwards, there was this 3m deep drain and my heel was just at the side of the drain! I nearly fell into it if I continued to walk backwards since I didn’t notice it. Lucky me!

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