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A Day Of Craziness

Today is one of the craziest day I’ve ever experienced! Woke up at 6.00am sharp in the morning because I didn’t really sleep well enough, so just flipping around the bed waiting for the alarm to sound. Geez, I am wondering whether should I tell you about what made me sleepless yesterday night. Yes, yes, it is about CHEMISTRY LECTURE TEST today! It’s all about a dream that turned bad, a.k.a. NIGHTMARE! Let me tell you that this nightmare is totally true!!! :mrgreen:

The nightmare started with some people in the class surrounding me somewhere in the school (most probably the Central Plaza). If not mistaken, they are Reihorng, Ivan, Lekchia, Shueli, Sean, Chankeet, Valerie and Yueqi (there are more but I’ve forgotten). They started singing the Chemistry Song (the song which a person sings out all elements in the periodic table along with a funny melody) and that was really horrible. I ran away from them and they kept chasing me, singing the sacred Chemistry Song along.

Then came Ms Ho, my Chemistry tutor. Instead of only singing, she was dancing?! Like chachacha, pompompom with the beat of the song. I was like very frightened and ran away from her and the whole flock of crazy classmates singing the Chemistry Song.

Suddenly I woke up from that nightmare. Peered at the clock and it was about 3.30am. Then I went back to sleep, and golly, I didn’t expect the nightmare to continue!!!

Suddenly they stopped chasing me and they stopped singing. Then suddenly I heard the modified version of Elmo Song. Instead of “lalalala, lalalala, Elmo Song~”, the song went, “dipole dipole, hydrogen bond, Van der Walls~” or something like that. I was like OMG?!

I woke up again in a fright, and it was 5.30am. So I stoned on my bed for 30 minutes till 6.00am :D.

During reccess another funny thing happenned. I was like eating noodles, and I deemed the noodles to be extremely steaming hot. Since I hate hot stuff, as usual I took a piece of ice from my drink and plopped it into my mee. Then Sophia (sitting beside me) went pfhhhfhfhhh~ threatening to shower Yueqi (opposite Sophia) with rice. Looking at Sophia’s and Yueqi’s reaction can send me laughing for 5 hours. Hmmm~ now I wonder isn’t putting ice into hot noodles a common practise? Or is it my weird behaviour? LOL :razz:

Then during chemistry tutorial Ms Ho (yes, it’s her again) played some funny games with the class. The first game was like asking a few people to stand in a row, then tell the first one a phrase. Then the first person have to convey the message via actions to the second one, and the second one to the third person and so on. Then the last person will be guessing what the hell is the action trying to say. Well, we played some phrases that are extremely hard to express in action:

  • I love Michael Jackson.
  • A pink elephant jumps over a wall.
  • Somebody farted, it’s so smelly.
  • Would you like your fries with that, sir?

Seeing those people desperately conveying their messages via action and seeing how the action gets “mutated” over the course was really really funny! :D

After that we even played Pictorial. A person draws something on the board while we guess what is it. It was quite funny when Ms Ho gave the hint about the word is a movie, and everybody started splurting movie names out way before the person could actually draw ;)

What a crazy day!

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