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Director: Wolfgang Petersen

Starring: Kurt Russell, Josh Lucas, Jacinda Barrett, Emmy Rossum and Richard Dreyfuss.

A luxury liner, named Poseidon capsizes when struck by a freak wave in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean heading for New York. A small group of surviviors find themselves unlikely allies in a battle for their lives. After leaving the ship’s main ballroom, they have only one way to go – to head for the bottom of the ship, which is currently above the waterline.

Preferring to test the odds alone, career gambles John Dylan (Josh Lucas) ignores the order of the captain (Andre Braugher) to wait in the main ballroom currently under water for possible rescue. He sets out to find his own way of safety, finding several other survivors joining him. They are desperate father Robert (Kurt Russell) searching for his daughter, Jennifer (Emmy Rossum) and her fiance Christian (Mike Vogel), a young couple who hours before couldn’t summon the courage to tell him they were engaged and now face much graver challenges. Other survivors who joined the team is Maggie (Jacinda Barrett) and her wise-beyond-his-years son Conor (Jimmy Bennett), anxious stowaway Elena (Mia Maestro) and a despondent fellow passenger named Richard (Richard Dreyfuss) who boarded the ship not sure he wanted to live after breaking up with his other half, but nows he doesn’t want to die.

Determined to fight their way to the surface, the group sets off through the disorienting maze of twisted steel in the upside-down wreckage. As the unstable vessel rapidly fills with water each must draw on skills and strengths they didn’t even know they possessed, fighting against time for their own survival and for each other.

(Left to right) MIKE VOGEL as Christian, JIMMY BENNETT as Conor James, RICHARD DREYFUSS as Richard Nelson, MIA MAESTRO as Elena, EMMY ROSSUM as Jennifer Ramsey, director WOLFGANG PETERSEN, JACINDA BARRETT as Maggie James, JOSH LUCAS as Dylan Johns and KURT RUSSELL as Robert Ramsey.

The studio set of the interior of the capsized ship. Omigosh, look at all the twisted metals and the collapsed bubble lift!

The studio set of the dining area of Poseidon, where the first shot of the disaster is taken, when the entire ship was overturned by the freak wave!

Director Wolfgang Petersen giving some tips for Jacinda Barrett (Maggie) and Mia Maestro (Elena) at the disco scene when they should free the pinned Chirstian under the collapsed lighting set.

Okay, so that’s all for the movie summary. If you plan not to watch the movie, or you hate to queue for movie tickets or both, you can acutally read the movie spoiler below! Remember, it is a movie SPOILER, so please read the disclaimer before you continue! :razz:

This movie is more or less like the Titanic (1997), just that instead of being hit by an obvisously big and visible iceburg and sinking down vertically at an upright position, Poseidon is capsized by a freak wave of an unknown reason why it was there at the first place and it stays afloat for quite sometime UPSIDE DOWN before finally sinking, killing 99% overboard the ship.

Poseidon sailing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

People gathering in the main ballroom for New year countdown, barely a few seconds before the wave hit the ship.

Elena (Mia Maestro) in the disco alone for the countdown.

The ship captain senses something is wrong. He said, “Something is off.”

Here comes the freak wave!!! :razz:

Poseidon hit by the wave.

When the ship is hit by the freak wave, Christian, Jennifer and Elena are in the disco,while the rest of the survivors are in the main ballroom.

The wave hitting the balconies of the suites.

The boat tilting, causing people in the main ballroom to trip and fall.

The bubble elevator collapses on its own weight.

People in the swimming pool being swept away by the shift in water as the boat continues to tilt.

Poseidon being overturned by the freak wave.

A wider shot of the ship being capsized by the wave.

The boat’s top deck enters the water.

People in the disco tumbles and fall.

Chaos in the ship’s kitchen.

Oh great. Now the ship is completely overturned!

A sequence of photos showing the ship losing power in the water as its generator fails.

After Poseidon’s power generator failed, the emergency lights are turned on, showing all the dazed survivors, desperately trying to find their loves one or helping others to shift the bodies of passengers to other places.

People addressed by the countdown party MC. They are rest assured that the boat will stya afloat and they will be rescued.

A wider shot of the upside down main ballroom.

A shot of the overturned ballroom from the water outside the ship.

John Dylan makes his way to the bottom of the ship, ignoring the orders of the captain.

John Dylan is the joined by other survivors who think that it is not wise to stay in the main ballroom and wait for rescue. Former architect, Richard Nelson, warned that the ship will eventually sink as it is not designed to stay afloat upside down. Shortly after the left the main ballroom, the captain ordered the doors to be sealed to protect the remaining survivors in the ballroom. Now, the few ones who are moving towards the bottom of the ship have only one way to go, which is to find any possible exits or vertical shafts.

The group of survivors cross the lift shaft, with a lift hanging above them at the brink of collapsing. That was really close!

The steel tables serving as a narrow bridge collapses. Survivors cling onto their lives desperately. Geez!

The collapsed bubble elevator spans the width of the 8-storey high void.

A sequence of photos (frame by frame) showing the window panels of the main ballroom giving way under immense water pressure.

A sequence of photos (frame by frame) showing water entering the main ballroom, kiling the remaining survivors in the main ballroom.

Now, the only ones surviving are the few who left the ballroom. Others perished as water enters the main ballroom. Omigosh, what a tragic turn of the movie! The team of survivors then found a vertical shaft leading to nowhere. As the enter the vertical shaft, Robert Ramsey encountered a sealed lid at the top of the vertical shaft while water starts to flood the shaft, threatening to kill the ones at the bottom of the shaft. Robert manages to get Conor’s tiny hands to remove the screws holding on to the lid of the shaft using Elena’s necklace.

After the survivors escaped from the flooding vertical shaft, the reached the ballast tank. John suggests that all of them enter the ballast tank,fill it up with water so that as the tank is filled with water, the door leading to another tank will be opened, opening a way for them to escape. Other survivors initially insisted not to use John’s way as it means that they are drowning themselves to get to another space with some air. However, as the situation turns out to be increasingly dangerous, they entered tha ballast tank and John fills it up with water.

The survivors enter the ballast tank.

Survivors getting their last breath before water filled up the ballast tank! That was so CLOSE!!!

After being nearly drowned in the ballast tank as the door leading to another tank doesn’t open when the tank is completely filled with water, the team of survivors then reached another tank. John dives into the water, leading all the other survivors. Elena’s skirt got caught by some hooks in the water, and after putting up a fierce struggle, the hook cut her head, leading to bleeding. It is not made clear that whether Elena died after being towed out of the water by Richard of drowing or excessive bleeding. After that, the remaining survivors reached the bottom corridor of the boat, where many explosions start to destabilise the boat.

Explosions in the boat power generator causes the boat the move vertically along its pivot.

And this shift causes water to gush mercilessly around the survivors at the bottom of the boat, tossing them around.

After the survivors are tossed around the corridor, Connor finds himself stuck behind a metal gril, separating him fromhis deperate mother, Maggie. Maggie shouts for John for help, and John managed to rescue Connor just before he is drowned. The finally reached the turbine of the ship, where they can escape outside by entering the turbine tubes. But they have to shut down the ship’s emergency engine so as to stop the turbine from turning. As Richard opens the door leading to the turbine tube, the door opens so quickly as the turbine is on reverse mode, pushing air into the compartment, hitting Richard in the face causing him to bleed profusely.

Jennifer’s father Robert and her fiance Christain both volunteered to shut down the ship’s engine. But in order to shut down the ship’s engine, they will have to swim 50 meters to reach the control room. This also means that they will die eventually as the distance make it impossible for a person without any breathing equipment to return after shutting down the engine. As Christian bids goodbye to Jennifer, Jennifer’s father suddenly jumps into the water and swims towards the control room. Jennifer cries as she knew that her father will be dead. In the control room,Robert, who is running out of oxygen, managed to change the engine mode from reverse to normal before he drowned. This enables John to throw a gas cylinder into the tube, destroying and stopping the turbines.

The survivors leave the ship after jumping from the turbine tube into the water. As they scrambles up a flaoting lifeboat nearby, the ship starts to tilt towards them. They panicked as the turning ship risk to crush them under its weight. The ship finally reverts back to its upright position with only a small portion above water after sinking into the sea. The team of lucky people are the only survivors from the disaster.

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