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Phew~ What A Day

Assuming that this day starts at 12.00am (duh! Stupid Terry :razz:). Here is the timeline of the day.

12.00am I was busy mugging for economics lecture quiz today morning (8.00am ~ 8.45am). Somewhere around LRAC curve.
1.00am Eyelids were getting pretty heavy. Downed with 2 cans of coffee to keep my eye wide open and brain highly active to absorb extra information.
1.30am Stomach started to get hungry. I was forced to cook a bowl of instant noodles since stomach acid threatened to bore a hole right through my tummy.
2.15am Finished the noodles, and found that I am stuck at economies and diseconomies of scale. Uh-oh!
3.00am Turned on iTunes to get some motivation. I ended up being motivated to play 3 rounds of solitaire. I lost all 3.
3.30am With some really intensive mugging I’ve reached the ways to measure size of firms. Geez. Still have a long way to go.
4.00am Information-saturated brain gave up. I went to sleep.
7.15am I felt sun shining through my eyes and I heard to bird chirping. Wait a minute. OMG I’M ALMOST LATE FOR SCHOOL!!! Adrenalin rush, I feel so hot and I’m sweating…
7.20am Geez the toilet overflooded with human waste! Bleh stinks like *censored*. Argh! Went upstairs to wash up…
7.22am Brushed my teeth, packed up, changed into uniform and waxed my hair. Gentlemen, start your engines! Mad-rush to school for the first time this year!
7.28am Reached the class bench, dumped my bag and went to toilet. *Geez* Thanks to the two full cups of caffeine satruated coffee.
7.29am Managed to rush to my class, just in time for flag raising! :D
7.55am Stupid announcement, now I’ve no time to study for the last few pages of my economics lecture notes – missing out small firms and large firms *DIE*.
8.00am Reached the lecture theatre and did some really last minute memorising work on the last few pages!!! Ah~ saturated mind can’t really memorise…
9.00am Lecture quiz over, I think I screwed up.
10.00am Time to present GP sutff about world water shortage *oh well~*
11.15am Maths alternative assessment started, 45 minutes to the end. I read through the questions, and woohoo, I’ve NO IDEA what the hell they are talking about. Good game ;)
12.30pm CT session started. Slept throughout the 1.5 hour thingy… :razz:
2.30pm Went back to boarding school. Caught someshort naps :D
4.00pm Logged on to Golden Village website to check whether Poseidon has premiers. Bingo! Golden Village at Bishan Junciton 8 have 5 shows of the Poseidon movie today (should be released tomorrow… these shows are premiers!)
5.30pm Reached Junciton 8 after lots of delays. Hehe got 2 tickets (my friend and I :D)
6.40pm Seated in the theatre 1. Yahoo! :mrgreen:
7.10pm After 30 minutes of shameless and meaningless advertisements, the show started!
8.30pm Show ended, felt like I was really getting drowned in an overturned cruise. Geez! :D
9.30pm Reached the boarding school. Slacked and bathed.
10.30pm Went online and check on some stuff, spent on time surfing meaninglessly on the cyperspace…
11.18pm Almsot finished typing this post… tada! :D

Phew… what a day! :razz:

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