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Mission: Impossible III

Director: J.J. Abrams

Starring: Tom Cruise. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ving Rhames, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Maggic Q, keri Russel, Michelle Monaghan.

Remember to super-spy, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), in Mission: Impossible I and Mission: Impossible II? He has retired from active duty, married with Julie (Michelle Monaghan) and his job is now to train new IMF agents. However, he was called back by the IMP operational director to rescue a captured IMF agent, Lindsey Ferris (Keri Russell). She is captured by the prominent arms-dealer and distrivuter Owen Davian (Philip Seymour Hoffman), and is being held in Berlin. His third impossible mission – to rescue Lindsey. Hunt assembles his team, Luther Strickell (Ving Rhames), Declan (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and Zhen (Maggie Q), as he goes around the globe to track down Davian, his deadly weapon and his hostage, Julie.

This is merely a plot summary of the exciting movie than opened in more than 4000+ cinemas worldwide. If you want to know the movie right down to the detail, be sure to read the movie spoiler that will follow. Remember, it is a movie spoiler, and please read the disclaimer below before you proceed.

Oh, and you can go to M:i:III’s official website to download a few versions of the movie’s trailers and also some nice stunt theotrettes.

The film begins im medias res with Julia and Hunt being threatened by Davian. The narrative then rolls back five days, the day when Julia’s sister got married. During the party, Hunt recevied a call from IMF Operations Manager Musgrave for a mission, that is is rescure the captured agent called Lindsey, currently held captive by international big bad guy Davian in Berlin. Hunt agrees to participate in the mission after viewing the tape left by Musgrave in a disposable camera. Hunt assmelbes his team, consisting of Luther, Declan and Zhen. The team successfully rescued Lindsey from the building but died shortly after that, caused by the explosed of a jutroglycerin capsulre bomb implanted in her brain by a nose incision by Davian. The only result yield from this assault is 2 fried hard drives taken from Davian’s office which contain 20 emails, indicating that Davian will attend a meeting in Vatican City a few days later.

At Lindsey’s funeral, Hunt received a call from the mail forwarding service, telling him that Lindsey sent him a postcard from Berlin. Hunt found nothing but his name and address on the postcard. As he tore the stamp open, he saw a microdot beneath the stamp. Hunt sends the microdot for anaylsing as he departs with his team of Vatican City to capture Davian.
Zhen took photos of Hunt secretly at the meeting in Vatican City using a compact camera on her cosmetic mirror. The photos are used by Luther to cosntruct the 3D image of Davian. He then produces a mask for Hunt to wear, making him look exactly like Davian on the surface. Hunt proceeds to the toilet and captures Davian. By exploding a car where Davian should be sitting in, the team convinced witnesses that Davian is dead. Hunt also managed to retrieve a briefcase containing the location of the “Rabbit’s Foot” which is a biohazard material.

On the way back to US, Hunt interrogated Davian about the purpose of selling the Rabbit’s Foot to a buyer. Davian refused to answer. Hunt then dangled Davian outside the plane, but Davian still refused to tell the truth. Davian then threatened to kill his wife and coincidentally he found out the true name of Hunt as his teammates shouted at Hunt not to kill Davian as “he might be useful to us”.

After that we can see the team transporting Davian over a bridge. Luther hands Hunt the video from Lindsey’s microdot. It says that Davian recieved a call from Brassell’s office, which is how he know that Lindsey would be in Berlin. Someone in the IMF is a traitor. After viewing the video, a remotely-piloted drone appears adn starts firing missiles towards the birdge, blowing it up and putting traffic to a halt. A helicopter appears and fires more gunshots at Hunt in an attempt for him to move away from the van holding Davian. The soldiers descended from the helicopter, used chemicals to dissovle away the van’s walls and “rescued” Davian. Davain was taken away by the helicopter. Hunt was able to shoot down the drone by he was left with little bullet to shoot down the helicopter. Davian managed to escape.

Suddently Hunt realised that his wife, Julie, is in grave danger as Davian once threatened him that he will kill his wife. Hunt calls the hospital where Julie works in but nobody picked up the phone after the receptionist connected him to Julie’s line. Julie’s handphone was also turned off. At that time, Julie was confronted by an English looking man. He pastes a plaster on Julie’s hand and she passed out.

At the hospital, Hunt was unable to find Julie and he received a call from Davian. Davian warned him that he must get the Rabbit’s Foot in 48 hours or not he will kill Julie. Hunt was then confornted by IMF guards who take him into custody. Hunt is then strapped to a table in an interrogation room. Brassell and Musgrave enter and after Brassell talks with Hunt and leaves, Musgrave mouths to Hunt that he knows that Davian has Julia and gives him a blade with which to free himself. After making his escape Hunt flies to Shanghai where he learns that Musgrave sent his entire team as well.

Hunt gained access to a Shanghai buildling containing the Rabbit’s Foot. He used the pendulum theory, swinging from another higher skyscraper so to land on that building’s rooftop. The building’s rooptop guards’ attention is being diverted to softballs throwing by Zhen from another building.

Hunt managed to get the Rabbit’s Foot 2 minutes before the given 48 hours time limit. However, the telephone can’t receive signals, only until the last few seconds the line went through Davian’s phone. Davian told him that when he called, he had only 5 seconds left.

Hunt is drugged into unconsciousness when he attends the meeting location in order to exchange the Rabbit’s foot for Julia. When he awakens, Davain inserts a bomb, similar to that injected into Lindsey’s brain, in to Hunt’s head which can be deactivated by a defibrillator. Davian insists on being given the real Rabbit’s foot, shooting Julia through the leg when he becomes bored with Hunt’s increasingly desperate pleas and excuses after counting to three. Davian shoots Julia in the head then leaves the room upon the count of ten. Musgrave (***oh so Musgrave is the traitor working in the IMF) enters the room and explain the situation to a stunned and grieving Hunt. Davian will sell the Rabbit’s foot to Middle Eastern enemies of America, who will provoke a massive retaliation when they use it in the near future. America will then move in and cleanup, with billions of dollars-worth of contracts. Musgrave reveals that they couldn’t be sure that Hunt hadn’t double-crossed them at the handover, so they threatened Julia’s life in front of Hunt. Musgrave reveals that the victim is Davian’s former head of secretary that failed him at the Vatican City meeting who is wearing a realistic mask, resembling Julie. Hunt bites Musgrave’s hand when Musgrave allows him to talk to Julie over the phone to ensure that Julie is alive. Hunt called back to the IMF and uses Musgrave’s cell phone to trackdown Julia.

Hunt finds Julia about 1 mile away but they are discovered by Davian before they can escape. Davian activates the bomb in Hunt’s head, which will explode in 4 minutes time, and starts beating Hunt up. He then claims that he’s going to kill Julia in front of Hunt, but Hunt is able to push him outside where Davian is hit and killed by a truck. Hunt uses an exposed wire of high voltage to be makeshift defibirlator and explains to Julia how to use and reload a gun, in case bad guys come when he was unconscious after using the defibrilator. Julie applies the defibrillator, destroying the detonator circuitry but also stopping Hunt’s heart. Before Julia can resuscitate Hunt she is forced to kill incoming guards with the gun. The last person she kills is Musgrave, arriving with the Rabbit’s foot. She frantically tries to resuscitate Hunt, and begins pounding on his chest in frustration when he doesn’t respond, which shocks him back to life. As they walk down the streets of Shanghai, Hunt explains to his wife that he doesn’t work for the Department of Transport and briefs her on IMF.

Back in Langley, Brassell tells Hunt that his actions have attracted the favorable attention of the White House, who have a special position for him. Hunt says that before he does anything he is going to enjoy his honeymoon with Julia. In passing, Hunt asks Brassell what exactly the Rabbit’s foot was designed to do. Brassell says that he will tell Hunt on condition that he returns to active duty with IMF. Hunt tells Brassell he’ll send a postcard, smiles and then runs off with Julia, away from his smiling and applauding team.

Geez… such a long movie spoiler! :razz:

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