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Happy Day

Today is quite a happy day for me because I’ve finished quite a lot of stuff! Firstly, took pain to compile all the Bio essay questions, and got them printed out at 2am in the morning while I was busy sipping on a cup of cold milo (since I hate hot drinks!)… geez with all the cold wind from the Bukit Timah area drinking cold milo in the middle of the night is so nice :D The funny thing is that when I photocopied the Bio essay answers in school at 10am I found a handful of typo error *whoops*

Secondly, I’ve finally got the load off me… all the burdening tutorials, spent countless night stoning in front of them and yet writing nothing on the paper because my brain is stuck, saturated, rotting and busy erasing all data recorded during lectures. Dr Siva said that we must mug the lecture notes after lecture, at home, on the bus, in the toilet, before lecture… geez I don’t think I have the effort to do so, but at least I managed to peek-a-book at the econs lecture not yesterday ;) And what I’ve learnt? I know how to spell economies of scale instead of economics of scale :D yay another typo error corrected!

PE was fun today! Finally remembered to bring my PE shirt to school. After starting the game at 3.50pm it was 4.10pm when I finally got the time to look at the watch since we’re all busy running after a small miserable ball… :razz: Like got 20+ of us struggling to get one small ball? Funny lah~ :lol: Then I fell down, everyone panicked. Geez, sorry ifI made all of you so worried, especially Sophai!

Sleep! Zzzz~

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