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This thanks is dedicated to someone ;) The guy who helped me retrieve my lost economics file! You know, my memory is like getting worse lately that I always misplace stuff from graphing calculaters to small erasers. I’ve bought countless number of erasers but I also loose them in a week’s time… bleh!

Yesterday me memory did the same thing to me. I brought economics file to school, and then too kit to GP lesson. After that is recess, then the class went to E305 to attend 2 hours of Bio tutorial :razz: and then it’s math tutorial. I’m stupid enough to realise that my economics file is missing during the end of math tutorial, and I was so worried that I went almost around the school to find the file that I missed nearly half of the econs tutorial in the afernoon. I went to all the classrooms I’ve visited today, and then carpet searched all class benches in case somebody collected for me. Then I was thinking about whether it’ll get stolen like my Chemistry notes last year and kick up a big fuss about it… ah!

Searched for so long but no avail. Went to attend economics tutorial with a heavy heart. 5 months of work in that file, and I told myself I won’t let it go down the drain because of me being so absend-minded! All the notes I’ve made for econs are all filed inside the file too. Loosing it means that I’ve nothing left to study for the blocks…

After lunch, I was making a last check on all the class benches before I go back the boarding school and start a round of intensive muggin and photocopying of econs lecture notes. While I was frantically search, Job came up to me and said, hey, I was looking for you as I found your file. At first I thought I was dreaming… until I pinched myself on the hand ;)

Thanks Job for being such a good person! You could have kept the notes for your own use and never return to me forever, like someone probably did to my chemistry notes last year… thanks for being a honest person! :D I was thinking that if I am studying in another famous you-know-who institution in Singapore where stealing of notes are so rampant, the file would be gone forever!!!

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