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Politics, Politics, Politics…

I read from many newspaper and from my people around me saying that this year’s election will be very interesting and exciting since there are so many opposition team members joining the elections. Well, this can be said as a great milestone for Singapore as in the past 5 years in Singapore I’ve never seen such a heated election before with so many candidates! :D Geez!
Congratulates to Singapore for having the most number of female candidates this year. According to the international standard of gender equality, at least 30% of the candidates have to be females, but a this time there is like 15% (somewhere around there, perhaps). But then in the past few years the percentages are even lower! So we should actually be happy that there are more females who are willing to speak up bravely and enter the political sector ;)

Actually politics doesn’t interest me since I hate red tapes and I hate to see people defame other parties to gain support and votes. Actually in this election the news also reported about candidates defaming other parties so that they can stand out… I think this is the wrong way, since election is about making others know you more and not let you to take the chance to feed on others disadvantages and make the disadvantages of others as YOUR stepping stone…

Singapore has shown improvement for the past few years… congrats! :razz:

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