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An Interesting Question

Q: How would you measure the height of a tall building using an aneroid barometer?

A: In fact, there are many answer to this question. Of course, the most obvious and the expected one is “measure the air pressure at the top of the building and at the bottom of the building, and then use equation to find out the height of the building.”

Surprisingly there are many versions of the answer, some of then can me extremely stupid :razz:

  • Measuring the barometer, finding the length of the shadow cast by the barometer when stood on the ground, then finding the length of the building’s shadow in the same conditions. This is making use of ratio and proportions of the shadow length.
  • Measure the building height in BARO-meters, assuming BARO-meters as a measurement unit. For example, the building is 100 BARO-meters tall, indicating that the building height = the height of 100 barometers stacked on each other.
  • Measure the height by releasing the barometer at the top of the building. Start the stop watch. When it hits the ground, stop the stopwatch. The height can be calculated by using a formula.
  • Tie a string to the barometer, lower it near the ground. Make it a pendulum and caculate its oscillation period.
  • Tie a string to the barometer and lower it to the ground. The height of the building = length of string + height of barometer.

Funny! :lol:

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