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Get Yahoo! Mail (Beta) In 10 Steps

It is now possible to join Yahoo Mail Beta by changing your content Country to the UK, Germany or France. As soon as you change the setting and return to your email it will ask you to join Yahoo Mail Beta. Make sure you change your content preference and NOT the country for your address.

How to change your content preference:

  • Login to Yahoo Mail.
  • Select Mail Options.
  • Select Account information from the left panel.
  • Go to Member Information > General Preferences > Preferred Content.
  • Select Yahoo UK.
  • Select Finished.
  • Go to Yahoo Mail.
  • A page will be displayed that says “It’s the New Yahoo! Mail Beta… and you’re invited.”
  • Click on “Try Beta Now”.
  • You can then change your Preferred Content setting back to normal by repeating the steps above.

This has worked for many people so make sure you do it before it gets fixed by Yahoo.

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