Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Some Things To Say…

1. Thanks for your concern!

This message specially extends to individuals in the class who showed concern over my fall. Bleh. Ran for 200m today and after running a mere 50m I got this muscle cramp. Ran for another 50m and my knees start to knock each other, making me to trip on my own knees. Feel quite hard on the track, ended up with abrasion on palms and right knee.

Thanks for everyone who was so concerned after that. Including Christopher, Chankeet, Lekchia, Valerie, Eunice, Yingchern etc… just to name a few :D

2. teddY-risatioN Reaching 30,000 Visitors Mark

At the time of posting, this blog has received 29,549 visits since it’s date of birth, 1st of July 2004. :) Approaching the 30,000 visitors mark!

teddY-risatioN got its 10,000th visitor on the 28th of April, 2005. (View post)

Thanks everyone for visitng teddY-risatioN :D Cheers~

3. Biorep Says…

This is the most important point why I wrote this post. I heard from X that there are negative feedbacks from classmates because I am simply not efficient enough in terms of collecting homeworks and distributing notes. X said that I was “pissing a few classmates off” because they didn’t get the lecture notes they deserve. Well, I must admit that it is my fault because I was unable to distribute notes to all of you, but please note that I always asked during tutorials (except for economics tutorial when some classmates are missing) whether who didn’t receive the notes. Everytime I get no response, so I assume that everyone got it.

I will not mind to photocopy the notes AT MY OWN EXPENSE if you did not receive them, but then if you do not get them please do approach me as I am very willing to help you, since it is MY RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that everyone gets the notes and tutorials that they deserve (and paid for). The reason why I said this because I got sort of a scolding from Y for not giving her the notes. I apolgised after that, and rest assured Y will get the notes he / she deserved to.

On the other hand, I got another round of scolding from Z because I was stringent in terms of releasing the collected tutorials before submission for them to copy. I do so NOT BECAUSE I WANT TO SABOTAGE YOU / TO PREVENT YOU FROM COPYING but because I HAVE TO BEAR THE FULL RESPONSIBILITY IF THE HOMEWORK SUBMITTED TO ME GOT LOST. I am quite saddened by Z’s response as he said that I “do not believe in my classmates and think that my classmates are unrealiable people”. I’ve NEVER EVER SAID THAT, okay? And I don’t mean it by not releasing the collected homework.

Imagine a scenario:

One fine day you’re a subject representative, and our subject tutor asked you to collect the homework by recess. Off and on before the deadline your peers start to hand in their homework. And there are also some people demanding me to release some collected homework so that they can refer. What if they lost the homework or they didn’t manage to hand in theirs and the person’s homework on time? You will be the one to be blamed because you collected them…

Here’s the word from my heart: If you do not like the way I collect homework and distribute notes, feel free to tell me and I will try to correct them so as to make you comfortable. I am always prepared to step down if you think that I am not a suitable candidate for biology representative.

Please, I need your feedback. If there is a need for me to stepdown, I will surely do so. I will not want to make everyone unhappy, you know? Thanks ;)

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