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Hopes Dashed, Start Afresh

Today is the last day of the Council Elections 06. Well, what we have today is the Question & Answer session, whereby council nominees were asked to pick a number they like, which is associated with a question. The first round was all the serious questions like “What are the main reasons that make you run for Student’s Council?” and “What qualities do you have that will make others vote for you instead of others.”

The second round was better. A whole lot of random and scenario questions that are funny and gawky sometimes. These questions range from “Let’s say you are *bla bla bla*, what should you do?” to “What do you think you are? A square or a circle?”. And here is the quesiton I got: “Which company would you want to patent – DBS Bank, Creative or BreadTalk?”. Haha :D

The voting was immediately carried out after the Q & A session. Both nominees and the audience are allowed to cast their votes to the people they think they deserve to be inside the 33rd Student’s Council. The tricky thing is that each of us have 14 votes, and it is quite hard to decide which 14 people is better among all the 37 nominees :mrgreen: of course we don’t vote blindly.

After that I have totally no idea what happened during Maths lecture and CT session because I was unable to concentrate. I was anxious about the result, although I have 1% faith in myself that I will get into council since I rarely have any supporters. I was anxious about others – they’ve spent so many sleepless night planning out their campaign and so much effort in publicizing themselves, for example The Incredibles group and the Gutsby Group. On the other hand, I am not as popular as some hot cakes in the 37 nominees. They are not only well-known, but also well-received by the people, giving them a strong base to stand on. They have like 150% in getting voted into council lah :) While I have like a miserable 1% confidence. Anyway, these hot cakes got lots of claps and cheers when they introduce themselves to the cohort, unlike me… :lol:

In the afternoon I played frisbee with quite a few council nominees like Allison and Sharmaine because we’re simply too bored waiting for the results to be released, which is at 5.00pm. At 5.00pm, all council nominees are asked to proceed to the FishTank (a.k.a. Student’s Lounge) to listen to the announcement made through the PA system. Poor councillors were desperately trying to keep the noise level in FishTank down so that we can listen to the announcement.

When the announcer reached my class, 06S75, he mentioned only 1 name and then moved on to the next class. And the name is not spelt T E R R Y, so it isn’t me who got in. My heart suddenly became so heavy than it feel through my ribcages, broke my windpipe, ruptured my lungs and fell hard on the floor, smashing into small bits and pieces. I was so stunned that I was unable to react properly to the situation.

I was so proud of myself after that because I didn’t shed a single tear or even sob. Maybe this achievement sounds stupid because I’ve made preparations in the morning that I might not get into council. I’m facing the cold hard fact now, along with 20+ people,I’m out of the game already…

Sam and Karin seeme to be very concerned after seeing my stunned face and my motionless body. I rest assued them that I am okay. Thanks a lot for your concern ;) Sam gave me his two thumbs up and Karin gave me her BIG WIDE SMILE :D That gave me some confidence to say congrats to others who got in while keeping that smiling face on… I saw Bren, but I tried to avoid eye contact with him because I think I disappointed him and it is a shame for me. Haiz.

Well, now I am starting off afresh. I will be registering myself as a volunteer at Children’s Aid Society, so that there is something to occupy me and I can do some good deed to the society ;) Anyway, I think council and being a volunteer is almost the same – the former involves voluntearily serving the student population, meeting their needs and making them happy, while the latter involves making children feel being loved and cared of as we inject light into their lives.

Special thanks to Sam, Karin, Brendan, Paul, Shiqi, Yunxiao, Runi and other councillors who have helped me in one way or another.

Special thanks to 06S75, 05S75 and other council nominees who gave me confidences.

Special thanks to the person who wrote me this:

I think I’ve grown emotionally from the experience I’ve gained from running for council. As what Yunxiao said, the process is more important than the result. I’ve tired my best, and I’ve no regrets. :D

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