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Fever, fever, fever. Fever don’t bother me. fever please get away.

The stupid fever has been bothering me since Sunday morning and I just feed it to become a serious one after neglecting it. I didn’t even bother to eat paracetamol and watsoever because I am too busy multitasking – screaming for Cheenyang over the TV while frantically trying to define polarisability and polarity on the Chemistry tutorial. :razz:

Monday blues. Woke up early in the morning found that the fever did subsided but my Chem tutorial isn’t completed. Packed up a little and went off for school. The stupid LT3 air conditionong system needs a tweak! Sometimes it gets too cold and sometimes it gets too warm. And yar, today it gets far too cold beyong my toleration, so temperature shoots up again, risking to cook my brain.

Left with no choice, I got Dr Siva to sign me the form so that I can leave school early. Thanks to the class and everyone else for being so concerned. Thank you people ;)

Reached the boarding school and felt like sleeping but managed to stop the urge because I need to see the doctor before I go sleep. Struggling to keep myself awake, I took a bus to Coronation Plaza. Reached Coronation clinic and found that there was a long long queue. Waied for one hour for my turn. I told myself, I would rather go to a polyclinic them. Bleh :mrgreen:

Doctor said that I have fever, throat infection, flu and a mild nose infection. Wow, that’s really some combination and permutation of all possible diseases. Haha :D

Rested well… I cam come to school tomorrow :)

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