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STJ Rawks!

Oh, for those who don’t know that does the abbreviation STJ means, it refers to Senior Treat Junior! :D We had JTS (Junior Treat Senior) a couple a weeks ago before the holiday… so it is their turn to treat us :razz: muahahahaha…

Gathering time was 5.30pm to 6.00pm. Those who were late have to do some form of forfeit which was never carried out after the meal, haha ;) But at least 99% of us are punctual, yahoo! We went to Fish & Co. opposite Plaza Singapura at 6.30pm.Oh, before you look at the photos, please note that the names of the people are from left to right… yup, and that’s all. Enjoy!

Everyone finding a good seat.

Settling down, seating with a whole bunch of seniors :D

Quite a random photo before the food is served.

Waiting for the meal… Biqing and Caiyun.

Finally the food is served. Reihorng and me, with french fries in the mouth!

We shared this Seafood Platter For Two ;) Mmph tasty and delicious!

After meal we played forfeits. Okay, this is a normal cup of water dosed with pepper and salt.

The next forfeit… same cup of water, but with prawn eyes and legs!

And guess what? I gotta drink it!!!

Sean getting kissed by Reihorng. Ah, with a tissue in between their lips…

Forfeit #4 – Weiwei whacks Reihorng’s butt :lol:

Forfeit #5, but never carried out – We got Kit Eng to call Dr Siva, but don’t know why in the end she didn’t call him…

Okay, so coming up next are all the photos… mostly me with other people and many group photos ;)

Chris, Lekchia, Reihorng and Ivan.

Same as above, just another me inside…

Kit Eng, Ying Chern and Yuting.

Me, Luosha and Lichan.

Me & Lekchia.

Robert, Simon and Wahtoon.

Yaozhen and me.

Caiyun, Biqing, Lichan and Luosha.

Yeenseen, Biqing and Caiyun.

Sean, Clement, Siyun, Samantha, Brendan and Valerie.

Samantha, Valerie and Clement.

Weiwei, Samantha, Valerie and Clement.

Karin (my Mortal #1) and me.

Caiyun and Karin.

Ivan and me.

Lots of people! :D

Robert, Wahtoon, Simon, Reihorng (and his naughty finger) and Chris.

Yuting and Yingchern.

Me and Ruowei (my Mortal #2).

Me and Huiyi (my dear Angel! ;))

Brendan, me and Sam.

Siyun and Sam.

Guess that’s all for STJ! Special thanks to all seniors for treating us at Fish & Co.! The food over there is great! Oh, those who want to download or view the full blown photos taken during STJ, you can proceed to my gallery! All of them are uploaded there :D

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