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大长今 (Da Chang Jin)

大长今 is a Korean television series about how an oridnary female in the ancient imperialistic North Korea rises to because the first female doctor in North Korean history. With sheer determination, hardwork and the willingness to learn, she wades through dark waters of life by constantly reminding herself what her deceased mom told her. Chang Jin’s (长今) mother was once a cook in the imperial kitchen.

It is now being screened on Channel U (Singapore), 10pm every weekday ;) I’m following the series so closely that sometimes I would rather give up my tutorial and go grab the touching storylines of the story :D Another evidence that shows that I’m heavily obsessed with the Korean drama series – I’ve uploaded the series’ theme song on this blog! Enjoy listening to it. It is sang by 3 young Korean kids (I think aged 12 or below), such a sweet voice! :razz:

And the past few episodes nearly made me cry :cry:! It was just so touching…

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