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Not Again…

Remember I had this very embarrassing encounter during the medical checkup at Raffles Place? The stupid nurse laughed at my malnourish body and my skinny frame. Okay, thanks. Now I got another similar encounter at a Sushi restaurant at Lot 1 Shopping Centre.

This Sushi outlet offers buffet for students at a price of S$17.90 (or S$16.90 on weekends), and we can just eat anything we like, as long as they are priced at S$4.90 or below. Then I entered this Sushi outlet and then I wait for my turn to get seated since there was quite a long queue outside the restaurant. When it was my turn, this waiter asked for my Student Pass since I identified myself as a student.

Then came the embarassing part. He looked at the photo, and then looked at me with that face full of question marks. He asked me, “Are you sure you are 17 years old? You looked like 10.”

WOW. Thanks Mr Waiter. Then I nodded and said, “Yes, of course. My birthyear is on 1989.”

“Are you sure you are 17? Because kids that are 10 years or below only need to pay S$9.90 for the buffet,” he replied, and continued saying that “Are you sure your birthdate is printed correctly? You looked, erm, SKINNY…”

I was FUMING! I was so angry I feel like poking his eyes with the chopsticks and then pour wasabi into his mouth. How can he be so insulting! Harlow, I’ve told you that I’m 17, and you dared to further question whether the printing on the EZ-Link card is correct. Darn!

Okay, I shall grow taller next time,I told me self. And I should eat more :razz: So I ordered 2 Salmon Sashimis, 3 Ika Sashimi (Squid), 3 Tako Sashimi (Octopus) and 1 Amebi Sashimi (Prawns). And then that wiater looked quite astonished by the amount I’ve order. He told me, “Ah boy ah, I know you 17 lah, but then hor, cannot finish must pay hor…”

Okay, armed with a sauce plate full of source, I am quite surprised that I can hold back the urge to splash that black liquid on his face and storm out of the restaurant. The worst thing – he said so loud that I can hear to another waitress in the restaurant outside the kitchen, “Wah, so small size can eat so much, let’s see whether he can finish…”

Thanks again for all the insult, Mr Waiter. You should be lucky because I held back the urge to file a lawsuit for all the insult ;)

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