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This Is Stupid, Sick & Gory

I am wondering why some people are willing to undergo distraction ostepgenesis, which means that you BREAK your PERFECT LIMBS, pull them apart so that new bones can grow. In the end you can get a few inches higher (maximum 7cm).

You know why I say these people are sick and stupid and the process is gory?

  • Breaking perfectly functional limbs
  • Consigning themselves unnecessarily to crutches or a wheelchair for over a year
  • Voluntarily subjecting themselves to pain and discomfort
  • Exposing themselves to unnecessary risk of infections, of damaged nerves and blood vessels, and fat embolism that can result in death
  • Incurring unnecessary expenses as the procedure is not cheap (approximately S$120,000 for 2 limbs)

Doctos also strong discourage their patient to go under this process, and what a year of nerve-shattering pain and immobility bring you a mere 7cm increase in height. What is the difference between 150cm and 157cm? Doesn’t really matter much, right? Doctors say that this process will get increasingly painful as the days go on for a whole solid year as patients undgo this treatment. It can reduce a man to a crying boy in a matter of weeks because of the excruciating pain the treatment causes.

Imagine that you have a doctor to fracture your perfect limbs just below your knees, pierece metal rods through the skin, muscles and your bone. A heavy frame is then attached to the protruding metal rods to stabilise your limbs. After that, you have to separate the bones 1mm apart everyday so that new bones can fill in the gap, hence lengthening your limbs. But what comes along is the excruciating pain.

I think that it is unnecessary for people to go through such process, since a little added height won’t make you look a lot better and handsome. Platform shoes will do the trick! Why must you subject yourself to such pain? I really don’t get it. And forget about those theories stating that the taller you get the higher the chance you get promoted, and the higher the chance you can get a better job. That is stupid! Those are expired thinking by expired minds. HEIGHT DOESN’T MATTER, dude!

Some diagram representation below from Wikipedia to stop you from going such treatment:

Conclusion? This treatment is so pain that many people regret going under it. So please, dump your mindset about height = power + money, okay? Don’t ever try to make yourself suffer because you are over obsessed with your self-image. Yes, self-image is important, but then it doesn’t only constitutes height, right?

People say first impression counts, but there are no evidence that height really contributes to your first impression. Your look, posture and the way your speak actually matters.

So let’s forget about thsi treatment, and live happily and painless! Added height won’tdo much, but bring you more pain in return. Once you fracture your limbs, they’ll never get back their 100% function and mobility they once had.

Cheers ;)

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