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Fun @ Sakae Sushi

Guess what, today I went to my class outing at Marina Square. It wasn’t any ordinary outing… it was an outing full of fun and food! Obviously, we had our dinner (or lunch?) at Sakae Sushi.

Reached Marina Square at 3.00pm SHARP. Waited for 30 minutes for another person to turn up. Actullay Ivan reached there at 3.10pm but then we kept walking at around the same place so we never met, like asymptotes? Haha :D

As time flies, our population increases from a pityful 2 (Ivan and me), then to a miserable 4 (Sean, Yunice,Ivan and me). After that we have Lekchia, so we have a strength of 5. Later came another 8 people together (woah!), so we have a big population of 11. Then off and on we have a few more people joining, making the total population 14! Yay, at least more than half of the class turned up in the end ;)

What followed was the debate over where should we have our lunch (or dinner? since it was like 4.00pm). Lekchia suggested the food court, Nicholas insisted on Sakae, some wanted to munch on burgers at Burker King. Quite a heated debate, and finally we settled at Sakae Sushi, 7 people eating buffet, 5 people a-la-carte. Oh, and later on Claire and Siyun joined the a-la-carte clan. :)

Well, I really have to pity the waiters that served the buffet table today. We ordered this whole lot of food, then off and on we change our minds, making the waiters super confused and puzzled! I can see them furiously writing down and correcting our orders. Oh, and the worst part is that we can only order food that are priced at S$1.90 or below. So NO SASHIMI, NO DESSERT (except for the complementary ones), and NO DRINKS. I think the worse thing ever is the NO COMPLEMENTARY DRINKS rule. Ah, how do you expect us to eat up all the rice dumplings, the wasabi, the chawanmushis, the soba, the handrolls and the sushis without any water? What the hell. I was so thrity at one point I ordered another chawanmushi (got some water in it to quench thirst).

We had lots of fun while eating. When this waitress came to us, we asked whether we can have free drinks. She said NO, then she said she can give us ice water. Haha, guess what? Everyone raised their hands at lightning speed… because the ice water is FREE! :D *giggles* So funny! And then we have Yiwei squirting the watermelon juice (after the meal, during the dessert time) because Nicholas commented that the honeydew mochi taste like dou sha bao. Haha, yup. It tasted like FLOUR!!!!! So dry and uneatable. Bleh.

Oh, and Sean insisted that I should eat up all the rice dumplings since “I need carbohydrates”. Haha :D In the end, everyone had problem getting off their seats because of a bloated tummy (since it’s buffet, we ate as much as possible… duh!) ;)
When we finished our meal it was like 5.30pm. And the event back in school started at 5.00pm! We rushed like crazy people, from Marina Square right up to City Hall MRT via Citylink Mall. We ran and ran and ran like those people in Rat Race. Haha, so fun!
Anyway, I’ve enjoyed today’s class outing! Yeah!

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