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I’m Tagged… How About You?

checked my blog today afternoon, and oh well, got tagged by icesk8ter. Haha, thanks anyway ;) because the last time I received a tag from my friends is like 1 trillion eons ago :D Yay now I finally have something to write today.

He didn’t really explain what’s the tag about, but I think it is about the 8 things you want your other half to have.

Gender: Female (duh! :razz:)

  • Have a kind heart (a loving person) – This is perhaps the most important thing that I want to see in her. She must have the willingness to help those who are in trouble. You know, I do not like people who lecture others about why shouldn’t we donate money to beggars and orphans along the street. Okay, some of them might really have the ability to work, but 50 cents won’t hurt too much eh? Anyway, a person with a kind heart is also a considerate person. At least she’ll think about how others feel before doing anything.
  • Treat My Parents Well – I pity some really unlucky husbands who have such wives that insist they do not want to stay with her father and mother-in-laws. I mean erm, what’s the problem of taking care for my parents? You see, we can’t leave them behind and let thim live on their own. In one way or another they nurtured me so that I have today. And oh yup, I will surely take care of your parents. ;)
  • Do Not B*tch About Others – I do not really like people who bad-mouth others behind their backs. We must respect them.
  • Likes To Listen To Music & Watch Movies – Me myself is a music and movie fanatic. I listen musics from Beatles to Black Eyed Peas, and I watch movies from Meet The Fockers to Final Destionation 3, from the Matrix Reloaded to Moulin Rouge. I don’t really mind if you only like certain genre of songs and movies, but at least you like them :D So next time we can go watch movies together and also sing songs together…
  • Likes To Eat – Eh wow. This sounds a little bit stupid and vague. First thing: I am skinny, malnourished and short. I need lots of food to make me really fat! While I salivate upon the scene whereby people celebrate of losing weight on their blogs (ahem), I really wish I can pickup the fats they’ve shed. Oh, and so with a very greedy parter (not fat, but just greedy), she can motivate me to eat more. And erm, I will be really happy if she’s willing to follow me everywhere just to check out the nice food over there. I live in Bukit Timah, and I can go as far as Marina Bay, Woodlands and Pasir Ris to eat the food I like (or try out new tasty food!)
  • Soft-spoken & Polite – I hate people who easily lose temper and control of themselves. I don’t like the scene where people throw their tantrum on many things, from chairs to children. Bah.
  • Be Talkative – I’m a person that can be talkative if and only if somebody talks to me. I can’t really start a topic on my own… I need others to do so. If you decide to keep mom, oh well, then we’ll stone everyday.
  • Happy! Always Happy! – If you’re happy, I’ll be happy too! I do not wish for anything, just that we can always be happy. :D

Okay, I think that’s all ;) Oh, and I am proud to announce who’s tagged :D

1. Michelle (webfriend)

2. Melissa (webfriend)

3. Rei (webfriend)

4. Siyun (classmate)

5. Nicholas (classmate)

6. Chris (classmate)

7. Brendan (senior)

8. Yahting (senior)

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