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Good Luck Wah Toon!

Yesterday some of my classmates and I sent Wahtoon off to Melbourne because he is representing Singapore in the Melbourne Commonwealth Games! Omigosh, I’ve never expect a Singapore gymnast representative to be in my class! The entire class is so proud of him :D

I arrived there at 6.00pm, waited for 90 minutes for everyone to reach Changi Airport. I saw the first person (Lek Chia) at 7.00pm although Valerie reached there at 6.30pm. I was so stupid! Valerie was sitting at the cafe just beside McDonalds (where I had my dinner at 6.30pm) and I didn’t see her! This gave me another 30 minutes of boring waiting time :razz:

We had dinner at Burger King and went to Row 7 to meet Wahtoon since all those taking that flight will be checking in there. Haha, and we saw Wahtoon! He was wearing this red shirt with the Singapore flag imprinted on it! Yay, way to go Singapore!

Team Singapore!

Haha, Wahtoon holding the cardboard filled with our best wishes! ;)

Wahtoon getting interviewed. How nice! :D

This is the flight departing for Melbourne, SQ 237. Taken at Changi Airport MRT Station.

On the MRT. Everyone was SO TIRED! *zzzzz*

All the best Wahtoon!

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