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Corrective Service

Today our class did 10 minutes long of corrective service. Well, corrective service (which will be called as CS from now on) is a measure for the school to sort of punish people who are late for lectures / tutorials, or did something wrong that crossed the line. Haha, the class was actually late for Biology lecture this Monday ;) It was partially my fault lah *whooops*. Anyway I see CS as a chance to strengthen bonds within our class :D

We’re working on the tables and chairs arranged for your seniors who sat for their GP block test today. I heard that all the 05S7 classes took their test in the hall today… haha, and our senior class is one of the classes that took the test there!

I was actually quite shocked to see that there were so many tables and chairs for us to shift! Luckily we’re only asked to stack them up and place it at the corners of the hall and not trasnport them to somewhere else. I bet there are at least 300 tables and 300 chairs for us to work on! Since picture speaks a thousand words, I would like the photos taken today to do the rest of the speaking :)

Omigosh, so many to shift:!:

Let’s get it started in here!

CS starts now…

Tables stacked up!!!

Our very own promqueen?!
I was actually qutie impressed by the efficiency of our class. We did the things that we were required to do in 10 minutes, and that was pretty fast! Woohoo!


I am very glad that almost everyone participated in this CS session… and let’s hope that we don’t e late for Biology lectures anymore *giggles* ;)

Anyway, Wah Toon is leaving for the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne tomorrow night 11pm. Well, in case you don’t know who he is, Wah Toon is representing Singapore as a lone gymnast (since the female gymnasts didn’t make it into the Commonwealth Games). And we saw him being featured in yesterday’s Straits Times which labelled him as a “shy schoolboy” :lol: LOL! The article says that the grading system for gymnastics has been changed for this Commonwealth Games and so Wah Toon needs to train more so that he can adapt to the new grading system… how unfair! It reported that the change in the grading system was made known to gymnasts a few weeks ago.

Wishing Wah Toon all the best! We’re so proud of you! And I’m so lucky to be your classmate! :D

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