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Tears In My Eyes

The cold, hard fact struck me last Friday. Some people, 2 months under the same roof, sitting on the same bench, sharing the same joys will be leaving us for another school. I’ve never ever thought that this would happen. Frankly speaking, I made no emotional preparation the night before.

Friday morning, everything seemed normal until I heard a whisper-turned-hot-cake topic about the posting results. And yup, at the very moment I heard the names, my heart sunk. I frantically searched for the people who were posted to other schools, and what I saw was many teary faces. They hugged, cried and tried to pacify each other.

Suddenly things that happened 2 months ago started to flash in my minds. The wargames, the McDonalds dinner in the school at night, the campfire night when we sang and danced in a circle with our seniors. Oh, and also the scenes of mass-bonding CSP lectures, getting late for tutorials, joking during lectures, going to the canteen together, eating lunch as a class, buying drinks for each other, having PE together, playing Captain’s Ball and etc. So many thing, so many memories. As my emotional dam broke down, tears in my eyes.

I might be the only guy in the whole wide world that can’t really hold back on my tears. Some people intepret this as cry-baby characteristics. Well, I don’t care what people say, but that’s what I feel. It is my emotions rather than logical thinking that makes me move and analyse situations. So I am sort of an emotional person. When I see people cry, I just can’t stop the tears. :cry:

I was sitting with Chris and Nick at the steps near the class bench, seeing tears emerging in people’s eyes. I broke down first. Chris’ eyes were full of tears but they didn’t really came out. Suddenly I felt so useless. Useless in the terms of unable to prevent this thing to happen, unable to control the situation and even unable to control the very basic human emotions.

Siyun, you are the one who brought be laughter and hope. Thanks a lot for all your support along the way! I am wishing real hard so that you can appeal successfully into my school again! You’re such a great person that everyone wishes you can stay! ;)

Weiwei, you are an excellent girl with a perfect personality. Filled with energy and enthusiasm, you are really a great friend to me. You are ambitious, and tired your best to appeal so that you can stay. I solulte to you :)

Victor. Although you’re quiet, you’re a very good person with a kind-heart. I like your reaction when U cracked cold jokes to you, but I guess I can’t see that sort of reaction and expression anymore. Anyway, you are a very great friend to be with! ;) All the best over at NJC.

I am glad that members of class 75 are always so bonded. We barely complain about each other, unlike some very obvious examples in other classes. I really do hope that 75ers can stay close to each other – not in terms of physical displacement but emotional distance.

Thanks to all those who agreed to take a nice photo after economics tutorial :)

Happy photo :D
Best wishes from me! Anyway, I’ve managed to dig and view through the photo archive of this year… and guess what? All of them brought back sweet memories of the past 2 months where we exist as a class called 75.

Yiwei and Shueli after the wargame.

Sophia, Claire, Siyun and Yiwei after wargames.

McDonalds dinner with seniors.

Drawing the class flag.

Gathering at Bougainvillea park.

Painting the Chinese New Year banner.

Photoshoped photo taken at Nick’s house.

Dinner at roti prata stall.

Went to Mediacorp Studio to support Cheeyang.

Nick’s birthday party #1.

Nick’s birthday party #2.

Nick’s birthday party #3.

Nick’s birthday party #4.

Recess time at class bench.

75 forever!!!

75 forever!!!

These are sweet memories forever recorded in these photos. They are an unforgettable experience of my JC life. And thanks a lot to those who painstakingly bonded the class together ;)Cheers and all the best!

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