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Saturday @ Orchard

Today I woke up dead late. 11am, but this isn’t the latest hour I’ve found myself awake in a Saturday morning. My best record? 2pm. Haha :D that was because I was playing games the night before. Well, I woke up at 11am because there is a desperate need for my distorted Biological clock to return to normal after a week of hectic school life.

Woke up and received Siyun’s sms. Hmmm, it says that 11 people are going to Lido and watch Final Destination 3. Haha I agreed immediately because this is my first time watching movie with my classmates! :razz:

I left the boarding school for Orchard Road at 12.30pm. Reached there at 1.00pm, and guess what my friend and I did? Besides enjoying the cold udon noddles in the food court located at B2 of Ngee An City, we went shopping to almost all the toy stores along the bustling Orchard Road. We shopped from CK Tang right upto Plaza Singapura for a wholly 5 hours! Woohoo so exciting! He bought a car model, so real and so stunning at a price of S$49.00 (hmmm quite an expensive hobby for a normal student), since he is a car fanatic. I just went around WINDOW shopping. I spend a totat of $7. $6 for the cold udon mee at Ngee An City and $1 for the chilled green tea at Ajisen Ramen. Haha :D

Crowded Plaza Singapura.

FU WAH Silk Wear?! Anyway I have an ex-classmate that is called Fu Wah :lol:

A cool shot of Orchard Road outside the Paragon.

Ethan Ong performing!
Along Orchard Road we saw this kid named Ethan Ong performing solo. He is only 6 years old and he can play the drums as professionally as Chankeet! And the most stunning thing is that he learned how to play the drums since he was 2! What the hell / hack. I can’t even drum lah~ my eye, leg and hand coordination just simply sucks :razz: You can go to EthanOng.com to know more about this wonderful little kid.

At 7.00pm I sent my friend to Orchard MRT as he said he wants to go back. I went to Somerset MRT and waited for a hwolly 15 minutes because nobody showed up except for Yiwei. I didn’t expect everyone is already waiting at Cathay Cineleisure! Lol :lol: at the time I reached there Siyun, Shueli, Robert, Chankeet, Sean and Wahtoon are already there.Waited for Weiwei. She came and we departed for the cinema. Luckily Nicholas made it in time. It is like 7.40pm when we entered the theatre and the movie should start at 7.25pm. When we managed to find our seats and sit down the roller coaster disaster is almost over. While we are trying to settle down Ashley and Ashlyn got cooked in the tanning-bed turned human-pressure-cooker. Yikes. After the movie, I heard a variety of responses to this movie. Here they are…

“What the hell. The movie is so damm gory!”

“Yah yah I agree lah. Especially the tanning bed scene.”

“Oh the two airheads got cooked!”

“Ah damm gory! I don’t like the movie.”

“Ah Siyun laughed when the two girls got roasted.”

“Claire too.”


“Dunno leh, I see their expression very funny when getting burned. So I laughed lor…”

“Anyway I don’t really enjoyed watching… everybody just dies.”

“I agree!!! No plot at all!”

“There is a plot! People escaped death and death chased them down.”

“Oh you remember Final Destination? I think the best death is the guy slipped and fell into the bathtub and got strangled by some string.”

“Ah people who like this type of movie are sadists.”

“Anyway who enjoyed the movie?”

“Robert. And Chankeet say he’s okay with it.”

“Ah omigosh… they actually don’t blink their eyes seeing people die?”

“Oh remember the girl got 12 nails through her head and hand?”

“I covered my eyes. Didn’t really see.”

“So bloody lah.”

“Let’s go home.”

“Can don’t take MRT? I scared the MRT train will crash like in the movie.”

“And a wheel just plough through you?”

“Yarlah! Why not take bus.”

“The bus will crash too.”

“Take taxi lah.”

“The bus crashes into the taxi?”

“Walk back home?”

“The bus and taxi crash into you.”

“Then how?”

“Haha I don’t know…”

Instead of leaving for home we actually went to take some photos of ourselves. Imagine 1 Shueli, 1 Robert, 1 Wahtoon, 1 Yiwei, 1 Sean, 1 Siyun, 1 Weiwei, 1 Claire, 1 Chankeet, 1.5 Nicholas (because he’s so hunky?) and 0.5 Terry (because I’m so skinny?), so 11 people squeezing in this photo machine trying to get our photos taken. We’relike sardies, and now then I realise how a sardine can feel, minus the soaked in tomato sauce and preservatives feeling. Haha, everybody is screaming about their butts getting squashed!

Claire and Yiwei editing the photos taken ;)

Imagine 11 people squeezing into a small place… *claustrophobia, anybody?*
Anyway, I’ve added a few more photos I’ve taken in school to the gallery. Click here to view them. They should be at the last page of the “School Life” album. Below are some photos uploaded ;)
Enjoy your weekend! :)

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