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Council Openhouse

Well, today started off as quite a bad hair day because of the confusing economics lecture. How taxation affects the equibirium price and qunatity, what does it do to the original consumer surplus and produer surplus? What is the total surplus lost and what does the governemnt gets from imposing the tax? :?????: so confusing that I nearly knoked out :razz:

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Afternoon was great! I went to the council openhouse and everybody was just so enthusiastic! And I found out that, hey, Sophia and Claire were also interested in joining council too :D! That’s sort of surprising because I originally thought that nobody in my class is going ;)Special thanks to a whole lot of people. Brendan for the very detailed explananation how the council works, what do people usually do to get loads of attention from the school population, do’s and don’ts (lol the posters? haha) and etc. Michelle for being such an enthusiastic councillor that guided me along the openhouse. Karin for giving me the Fact Booklet and lots of cocacola sweets :razz:! Yvonne made me laughing like crazy, since the day I met her I can’t stop laughing when I see her. She can’t resist my laughter too. Haha! And Jamie! For being such a down-to-earth councillor and explained everything to me (although I told her Bren actually explained to me already), answered almost all the questions I asked, so a big thank you to Jamie too.

Hmmm which commitee am I joining? I think not very important lah. The most important is to squeeze into the 48 vacancy this year for JC1 councillors. And also find groupmates for advertising stuff.

Way to go!

P.S.: Made my very first animation in my life!!!!!

Lol ;)

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